Sunday, September 29, 2013

Married Life...My Married Life

Disclaimer: please stop reading if it offends u some ways...

Look at the title!! and I'm married!! Initial stage, super not used to it because when I come home, dinner is not on table! so sad!! When I reach home, I'm most of the time alone (it used to be so crowded in my mum's place with my popo staying next door and my aunt comes to my popo's house everyday, food is definately not an issue!!) Plus, hubby is not always by my side :( that's reality!!! We need to work for money OMG

Before marriage, I always travel!! I L-O-V-E travel overseas!! At least 3 times a year? It was fantastic!!

But now how?? Everything has changed!! :(

okay...enough negative thinkings!! Actually I am super lucky already I know lol...compared to tons of newly wedded + new mummys...(I need to release stress :P Allow me to express my feelings hahaha)

First of all, I have a super big place which most of the people our age cannot afford and I can decorate those places the way I want!! You know my way my choice my hubby wouldn't disturb my decision :D Plus I got a domestic helper, I don't need to do any housework god bless me and my house is super clean all the time :P of course I must thank my hubby la without him I wouldn't have such a nice house, my choice, my dream house at this moment. Just like that nodding my head!! I remember that it's a WOW. It was like those days when I hubby brought me to Las Vegas, watched David Copperfield it's like WOW. I never expected it to happen. Well I guess you feel better when you least expect it.

Secondly, my baby Paris is a sibeh cute, beautiful girl girl I love her so so much!!!

Maybe she is not as cute as I thought she is, but still I super sayang her!! On top of that, my mother-in-law takes care of her in the weekdays, so I'm basically free to do whatever things I like!! And my mother-in-law loves her so so much also!! I feel grateful and relief :P

I'm a big fan of Mothercare!! Paris is wearing sleepsuit from Mothercare :D Look at her in the pic, she is so adorable!!

And then I have a poodle after I moved in the new house, it was actually a gift I bought for Eddie...but the thing is my COCO sticks to me 100% of the times because I sayang her lol for some reasons my Coco is with my mum in Cheras so I miss her dearly when she is not here!!! She is a real 'follow tail dog' (please translate to cantonese) so how can you not miss her (chuckles)!!

Coco is super smart. She can differentiate qualities and obviously she likes the best!!

And also I must thank my hubby for his encourangement I finally hired a staff who can help me on my work!! God bless my business is going smooth and I hope for the better and I must do better!! For the benefits of everyone.

Allow me I drive a continental car :P thanks to my hubby (with the stress at work, do allow me to say sthg that makes me happy) haha

This is my dear dear!! in our recent trip to Krabi, having dinner in our favourite Aning Restaurant, Ao nang!! Drooling!! The food is good and price is reasonable and that makes the place FANTASTIC!!!

After all, my married life is not that bad huh?? Except I will still want to go Santorini, NYC apart from hoping both of our business goes up!! UP and UP!! Huat ar lol but then again with baby and stuff, we must be responsible, we need to save money for our child's education...So yes I'm adapting to changes and I wish my baby grows healthily and I wish I can make my parents happier and my hubby lives happily with me!! I wish my popo good health all the time and I wish all my family lives happily...oops suddenly emo paiseh!!

Me, camwhoring (at the reception area of Areetara Hotel, Ao Nang) because I realise I don't have much photos of myself :P Not that young anymore perhaps :P

Anyway this is a transition period I'm adapting to it!!

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