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The last day of 2013...

The last day of 2013 did not end well for the Goh family...

It was the day for the cremation of our beloved Ah Bo who passed away 3 days ago...

My family and I sent Ah Bo to the hospital on boxing day when she was seen to be so sick in a sudden...then I went to Singapore to attend my sister in law's wedding. I was all worried throughout the whole journey in Singapore and prayed hard that Ah Bo could recover and celebrate the coming Chinese New Year with us.

It was so unexpected...I asked Ah Bo, who was lying on the coach (who claimed that she caught a cold) on Christmas Day, do you want to join us to feast the turkey. She said no, she wasn't feeling well and asked us to go ahead in a normal tone. We seriously never thought of her getting so ill the next day.

Life is unpredictable.

As far as I could remember Ah Bo was always there since I was in Primary school after she bought a house which is within the walking distance to our house. She was always there, almost everyday doing something next door, be it cooking for Popo or helped Popo on dirty laundry after grandpa passed away. Then she would rush to take bus to Federal Hotel to work. She had always been there to take care of Popo all these years and I got to see her almost everyday. When I go next door, my first few questions always include
Where is Ah Bo??

Ah Bo is of course biased, she loves my big brother the most always buy expensive shoes, shirts, jeans for my big brother whereas she would wear 5 bucks slippers herself! She used to always delivers good food for my big brother too...haha. Popo also told me that Ah Bo is a good big sister, she sponsored some money for my youngest uncle to study overseas, gave money to my uncle to spend those days.

Ah Bo & Paris' selfie. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I remember those days when I was a kid, Ah Bo was actually hot tempered. She would scold Popo, quarreled with all her sisters-in-law, although she still helped a lot in the family and never asked for any returns!! Haha... Then during one recent conversation when I questioned Ah Bo for her past behavior of fighting with others, she told me those days she was not mature

Another selfie of Ah Bo & Paris. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

Perhaps it were those hard times she had been facing in the Tan family that made her stronger, that taught her important lessons in life. In the recent years after I have started working in the society and got married and delivered Paris, I realize Ah Bo is indeed a very caring, understanding, reasonable person and of course as usual she loves to contribute to the family and never ask for any returns. Haha...She always gives helpful advices that prevent a lot of unnecessary arguments. She was less hot tempered and would always take a step back to avoid arguments. It was then I realize Ah Bo was mature already hahaha. Ah Bo has turned to becoming more Popo, the easy-going, kind, caring, understanding angel to me....Popo, My grandma who always advise me to remain silence and never fight back when elderly scolds even if they are being unreasonable. To me " macam ini pun boleh?" geng! lol

The homemade sticky rice dumplings by Ah Bo. Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I also believe Ah Bo even forgave those relatives who cheated her money. I salute her for not even saying a single word on the issue. Ah Bo also never looked down on Eddie when he was a poor guy 7 years back. She is always so supportive. She would join direct selling, sponsoring a lot of money for the sake of being supportive towards relative.

After her retirement, Ah Bo always bakes cake, bread, tarts etc to the family. She will also make moon cake in mid autumn festival and make sticky rice dumplings in dragon boat festival. When she was younger if you say her bakery sucks, she would surely not happy lol... Then when she was mature, ya MATURE she accepted our comments with thanks and her skills obviously improved!! Then, Ah Bo would distribute all her baked food to her friends and family and never charge a single cents!! 

The moon cake made by Ah Bo.

I salute her generosity towards others and at the same time wondering why she is so stingy towards her own self. To my astonishment, there was a time when Ah Bo asked me to help her buy RM5k Prada in Europe just to match with her friends after she saw me wearing Prada. I knew Ah Bo could totally afford Prada like lots of Prada but the thing was Ah Bo was totally not a Prada person and I advised Ah Bo not to buy and she listened to me. Lol.

I am happy when I buy a Longchamp bag for Ah Bo which makes her day. I think the reason of Ah Bo being happy was not because it was a Longchamp but because of me, her niece buying her a not-so-cheap bag.

Ah Bo & her Longchamp bag...Photo taken from Ah Bo's ipad.

I remember Ah Bo made some food for my guests in the buffet dinner before my wedding day and she never charged a single cents from me! She too made spaghetti for Paris' full moon party and also never asked anything in return. I think I learn the power of giving from Ah Bo. I thank god for always remembering to ask Ah Bo to join me for yummy dinner, including the one in Noble Banquet, the one in the Han Room, Michaelangelo, the one in Sushi Zanmai where Ah Bo kept on snapping pictures of the sushi which surprised me!! Haha...How I wish Ah Bo could also join me for Christmas Turkey...

At Ah Bo's funeral my big brother was one of the saddest person. I hope my brother would become a even better, stronger person after the lost of Ah Bo as there will be no one as protective as Ah Bo will side him. I hope Popo will overcome the lost of Ah Bo soonest possible as she is the one who spend most time with Ah Bo at home!

I hope Ah Bo is happy in the heaven. I hope she is glad that she has 11 nephews and nieces that miss her dearly. I hope Ah Bo was happy spending time with Paris, the grandniece almost once every week...I wish Ah Bo could rest in peace and enjoy herself in another world. Ah Bo, you will always live in our heart forever. We love you!! Popo loves you, and all your younger brothers love you and all your sisters-in-law love you forever!! Paris loves you...I will definitely tell Paris when she gets older that she used to love playing with Bo Po when she is a baby.

The last pic Paris took together with Ah Bo on 14/12/13.

Do take care Ah Bo!! You will always stay in our hearts forever!!

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