Monday, October 22, 2007

Optical Illusions

How many black dots are there in the pic?

Which circle in the centre is bigger in the below 2 objects?

Are these lines straight or curve?

In conclusion, what you see may not be true sometimes...haha

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foo Clan Association KL & Selangor 67th Anniversary Dinner on 20.10.2007

Well, if it's not for my mom, I wouldn't be here in the Thean Hou Buddhist Temple.
Because I don't want to listen to a group of auntie singing some oldies...

It's not like I can get to see Siti Nurhaliza...

or Phua Chu Kang

But look at the bright side,

I got to see my newphen and played with him for a second for the first time...and

more nephews and nieces to come,
and of course I got to catch up with my model-quality cousin sister,
plus my mom is happy.

Thus, it's a fruitful night.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My First Post

Gosh...this is my first post in this new account, I'm so excited!

OK...what am I gonna say now...OK, I'll explain why do I choose the name "Hinky Pinky is back". Basically, Hinky Pinky is the name I used for my ICQ account years ago when I was 15 if I wasn't mistaken, but now ICQ is no longer common (well, not sure it's still exist now), so yes this is the reason!

2nd Q: Who inspire me to start writing my own blog?
Kenny Sia. No, I do not know him. When I was in the last night for MMU 2007, Kenny was there as well to enjoy the show and thereafter he published an article for that pageant. And Guess what, I was in his Blog leh, not bad huh! and apparently, a friend of mine, Denise (pageant girl of the night as well) said I was his fav on that night (not to say proud, but still "yeah", fav leh, LOL). Another Q: How do I find out his article? Melisa informed me. (Guess She has been called to the BAR, and officially a lawyer now! hooray)

Last Q: any Q for me to answer?? haha

and Now I declare "Hinky Pinky Is Back" is Officially launched.