Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Peanuts + Hair Clip

I earn peanuts but I'm d*** busy. Was it my own problem? Was it because of my poor time management? You know, it's not like I'm a CEO or something! sigh...

My hubby bought me a hair clip on the same day as today last week in the Malaysia longest Pasar Malam (night market) @ Taman Connaught lar. It was at first RM 16, but I managed to get it at a bargain-priced of RM 15...hahaha!

The hair clip.

But I didn't wear it so far...

So you thought peanuts and hair clip have something in common? or they are not related to each other at all?? 'G-O-T-C-H-A'!

~Whatever~ I'm too busy and I wanna shout out for FUN!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friendster Cafe @ Damansara Perdana

It's Friday Night, my hubby decided to take me out for a supper, not dinner, to spice up our paktology (dating). At first, we wanted to go Hartamas but we couldn't find a parking space. Thus, we ended up in 'Friendster Cafe' located at Damansara Perdana for our supper.

The sign of Friendster Cafe is eye-catching.

I know I'm sort of outdated but this is my first time here. Hehe, anyway, when I first saw the sign of the 'Friendster Cafe', my mind was wandering about opening a 'Facebook Cafe' of my own (in my dreams). Lol.

The interior design of the Cafe is overall trendy and spacious. You definately get to enjoy the quiet atmosphere at 'Friendster Cafe'. Well, I couldn't remember of listening to any relaxing, soothing jazz at there but the words Friendster Cafe, Friendster Cafe keep on popping up in my mind as the radio was announcing them repeatedly. Luckily it didn't affect my quiet enjoyment of the food.

Part of the indoor dining area,

There is a bar dispenser, wide range of magazine selection displayed on the rack as decoration. The area I like the most is the hard board where they placed lots of photos for customers to take a glance of their photo collection including among others, their events, their customers and their food.


Ok, let's check out their food now. We ordered a dish of fish and chips RM 16.90, a boxing chicken with dipping RM 11.80, a glass of mocha ice-blended RM 13 and a glass of friendstercino signature with mango flavour RM 12. All the prices above are not inclusive of service charge and tax.

Traditional dish of Fish 'N' Chips.

The fish is hard. I'll rate it at 3/10 and for the chips, it'll be 7/10. McD's french fries is still the BEST.

Boxing Chicken with dipping.

As for the boxing chicken with dipping, I'll rate it at 7/10 mainly for their creativity as the taste is just normal.

Friendstercino Signature on the left, Mocha Ice-blended on the right.

Friendstercino Signature is like tasteless for me, but the Mocha Ice-blended is normal. I'll rate them at 3/10 and 7/10 respectively.

After that, my hubby ordered a blueberry cheese cake as dessert and it's yummy especially the blueberry. Too bad I'm not a big fan of blueberry cake. As for the cheese of the cake, I prefer those in Secret Recipe to Friendster Cafe. The selling price of the blueberry cheese cake is RM 8.90 exclusive of service charge and government tax.

The blueberry cheese cake.

All in all, I like the environment. Besides, it is neither too cold or too hot for me. I'm bloody afraid of coldness. I prefer high temperature but not to the degree of summer in Venice.

Nevertherless, personally, I think the drink and food at Friendster Cafe are over-priced. I guess people come to Friendster Cafe for their internet services as there is no Starbucks nearby and for the football as there is a big screen at their outdoor dining area. I must say that the waitors and waitresses are properly trained as well because they are quite polite. Further, cleanliness of the Cafe is 5-star. These are the reasons that I see that capture the crowd of the Cafe.

For people who have not been there, you can check out their official website at for more information.

P/S: Special thanks goes to my hubby for bringing me to 'Friendster Cafe'.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prize Winning Contest, Real?

Simply complete the form and answer one (1) simple question and you are on your way to win a free 5 days 4 nights trip to New York! What are you waiting for, act fast or you'll miss the once-in-the-blue-moon-chance for relaxation in the city of Statue of Liberty!

Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor.

The above is just an example of some contests commonly organised by some local registered companies to attract more customer to buy their products or services.

I, personally do not believe in winning a prize by taking part of those contests.

Spend RM50 in a single receipt in cosmetics department and get a chance to join the Cosmetics Bonanza Contest.

But recently, I witnessed a prize giving ceremony for the winners of the Cosmetic Bonanza Contest organised by Jusco. It was real, they were giving away some of the fantastic prizes such as OSIM massage chair, Samsung 40-inch LCD TV, Olympus digital camera and etc to the winners and those winners did not seem to know the staff in Jusco. Wow, how I wish I could be the lucky one.

The fantastic prizes.

After the ceremony, I quickly went to buy a FEMALE magazine just to prove myself wrong.


According to the FEMALE's Little Book of Gifts, there are about 600 prizes to be given away and the total price of the prizes is worth over RM 230,000. Wow, it's incredible because normally the prizes are only about 10 to 20 for a contest.

Heh, the form was completed and ready to be posted.

Let's see whether I'm the chosen one! Ladies out there, if you are so wu-liao (unoccupied), go and get a November issue of FEMALE and give yourself a break. For guys, I guess even if you are feeling so wu-liao, you won't participate in those contests right? Let me know if I'm wrong.

To be frank, I wish my perception about the prize winning contest is wrong so that I can get a chance to win one of the prizes in FEMALE, preferably, a 3 days 2 nights trip to other cities. lol *dreaming again*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Being the way U R now, Got U where U R today!

I'm not a book person, I don't like to read, be it novel or short story. When I was a student in high school or in Uni, I read only text books, in order to pass my exams. I don't read newspaper as well, which makes me such a ignorant in life.

Nov 2007 FEMALE.

The only thing that I love to read is fashion magazines and/or entertainment news. Believe it or not, I can read a new fashion magazine up to 7 hours when I first get the magazine, and when I read it again the second time, it will still take me about 4 hours time. Of course thereafter I still read it again, on and off when I'm free. I simply won't get bored flipping through the magazine over and over again, seeing the same glamourous ladies in sexy dresses for several times.

However, ever since I started working, I realise that I must change in order to improve my life.

As such, I decided to read online newspaper everyday, not only focus on the entertainment part, but also the frontpage and some headlines, to gain greater knowledge and to put myself in a better position in life.

Read newspaper online! So convenient!

Plus, I've decide to make it as a habit...hehe...some adjustment of my life.

What's more? I visited MPH recently and I bought a book , a B-O-O-K and decided to read it so as to enhance my personal development plan!

~BRAVO~ Me, being a non-book person spent RM 59.80 for the guide to business success which is called "What self-made Millionaires really think, know and do" by Richard Dobbins & Barrie O.Pettman! Interesting!

This is the book.

At first, I thought I was entitled to 25% discount being a MPH card holder (Nope, it didn't belong to me, I borrowed it from a stranger in the bookstore! :P), but when I was about to pay, the lady said the sales period was the end, I paid for the regular price, which was RM 59.80, but not roughly RM 45 which I thought it would be in the first place! ~heartache~

Look at the bright side, since I paid RM 15 extra, I must finish it no matter what happens, even if it is the arrival of World War III!

Illustration of the World War III.

Quote from the book:"Being the way that you are now, got you where you are today." I found that this is so true! Wherever we are in life in the present time is where we deserve to be.

I remember when I was in high school, I always hope that I can study overseas for my degree. I did it. I wish to buy a car when I start working. I bought a Toyota Vois 1.5G in red when I had my first proper job. It followed by my winning in MMU.

"Being the way that you are now, got you where you are today" is a bona fide undeniable fact to me! That also explains why till now, I haven't passed my CLP because this is never a goal in my life and I never thought of becoming a lawyer.

Lawyer like Ally McBeal.

~Phew~And now, I must work harder in order to get into the position I want to be in before I reach the age of 30. Not forgetting, being SEXY and FABULOUS along the way! :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dedication to my beloved hubby, wishing you a very Happy 23rd Birthday!

I can still remember the first time when you hold my hands telling me that once you've decided to hold my hands, you'll never let them go. It still remains clear in my memory now after 14 months together (perhaps it's because you do remind me once in a while...:P).

First pic taken together with my hubby.

I just want to let you know that you treat me like a princess all this while! Putting me in your top priority and making me part of your life.

I can never forget those days where you came to save me for so many times when I lost my way in the highways and cried like a baby. You 'save' me without any scolding or complaining about how careless I am.

Love this picture! Taken outside Sunway Resort Hotel.

The list will never come to an end about how many things you have done for me in this short period of time. You peel crabs, shrimps for me to eat, and sometimes even in front of so many people. I'm touched. Guys normally won't do that as they are egoistic.

You listen to me when my emotions breakdown and you never fight back when you are being scolded by me for nothing. You give me 100% tolerance!

You bring me out for good food even when you are so broke and you buy me expensive flowers just to make me happy.

I just feel so comfortable when I'm with you and I'm glad that I've never shed any tears for you! Maybe it's because you follow my way of doing things all the times.

Our First Anniversary in Victoria Station, Subang.

My beloved lau gong, I just wanna say that you are the one. I sincerely hope that your love towards me will last eternally and in the meantime I'll improve myself to keep you by my side forever. and to keep you away from thinking that you are my 'teddy bear'. (hahaha...but I do LOVE teddy bear a LOT, you know! Buy me 'forever friends'! My all time fav! lol)

Studio Picture taken in ... (Upset about the results though, sigh! Money wasted...haha...I'll go France Taipei next time for my wedding pictures)

I hope that we can work hand-in-hand for our future and build a home of our own. (*wink* so that I can decorate my own house...hooray)

Thanks hubby for everything. Thanks for your support all the time. Thanks for taking good care of me and most importantly, thanks for bringing the smile back to me again and fulfill the need of LOVE in my life.

Happy 23rd Birthday. Green tea cake from La Boheme, Jusco, Hmmm...There is ROOM for improvement leh!

Till then, Happy Birthday! I LovE you! May all your wishes come true.

My decoration so ugly...I better buy wrapper next time...haha

P/S: Hope you like the pressie and the cake. Add the pressie in your collection! hehe...btw, I guess this post will be the 3rd gift! Must be HappY o!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

University of Sheffield Gathering @ Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid

Time flies, it's been 2 years after our graduation in Sheffield, UK. Things change and seperation comes between all of us.

Good thing is we still spare some times out of our busy schedules and gather together to catch up with each other. Of course, *cough* we do always bring our 'spouses' along.

11 of us.

For those who were not invited, so sorry, because this was a last minute call-up gathering. Sorry, mates!

Another group picture.

I'm glad that everyone had fun that day.

Ling Chong posing, Cherrian smiling joyfully and Sue Li hiding her face as usual. haha...

There was no boosting session, telling people how great they are, and how many things they know. No offensive teasing also.

There were only laughters. Real ones.

Zheng Jie, the 'He-Man'?

All my ex-housemates came too except Fiona who is now in Singapore. Perhaps we should all go Singapore to look for Fiona and take a picture of 6 of us.

But, Cherrian from Sabah came and Wai Foong, Ling Chong and Ian, our seniors were there too.

The girls.

Well, it's always great to gather with your old friends you used to hang out with in the past again.

Dato' L. Krishnan's 28th Anniversary Deepavali Celebration

This year's Deepavali, I was invited to Dato' L. Krishnan's 28th Anniversary Deepavali Celebration at the St. John Institution in Jalan Bukit Nanas to help out in the event.

Apparently, Milo was one of the sponsors!

Yes, this is Dato' L. Krishnan's TWENTY EIGHTH Anniversary Deepavali Celebration with the underprivileged people, including orphans, elderly persons and the handicapped although this is my first time attending this event.

The celebration.

The crowd has increased to more than 1000 people this year and everyone is so joyful especially the kids! No wonder people address him as a philanthropist. His wife, his son and his daughter-in-law came to this celebration too. May I say the family of this 85-year-old retired filmmaker who had directed films that featured P.Ramlee have a charitable heart!

Dato' Krishnan and his best friend from Thailand.

At the beginning of the celebration, it's the boring speech-given time. It followed by some performances of the children including dancing and singing sessions.

and cutting-durian-cake time.

Taken from the Star website. I looked ugly...

Later on, Adelaine, Sue Ann and I helped out in distributing drinks, lunch packs and ice-creams to the guests.

Me giving out hamper to one of the representative.

After lunch, hampers and gifts were given away to the representatives of the welfare homes. and more dances.

Dancing with the children!

The event ended at about 1pm. Before everyone left, Datin Rukhmani, Dato's wife distributed "ang pow" in pink to all the guests, and I got one as well! Yeah! What's more? A smiling young girl then passed me a goodie bag too :P She's cute!

The 'ang pow' and the goodie bag.

Some of the children...

Sigh, the kid in the middle looked defensive! How I wish I could take more pictures with the children!

However, there is one thing I'm curious...

Were the costs and expenses for this charity event tax-exempted?

Anyway, I had a great fun and I felt good that afternoon! Because apart from getting the chance to help the underprivileged, I received lots of compliment saying 'You're SO beautiful!"

The helpers and us.

lol...and of course, there ARE comments like

"You don't look like a chinese, you look more like a Malay or Chindian or something"

that I usually receive when people first meet me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Malaysia Fashion Designers

Who is the most famous fashion designer in Malaysia?

Anyone in your mind?

Melinda Looi? who claimed herself to be an artist rather than a fashion designer?! To her, she creates art pieces instead of fashion clothing. But to me, her art pieces are simply too artistic. You can easily put on her clothes to catch attention. Great news for attention seeker!

I DO love her web pages, simple and nice, love those cartooon characters...

Jonathan Cheng? am not quite sure about his clothing line, check out his website yourself! Nonetheless, there is ONE thing that I'm sure.
He is indeed a leng chai!

Oouuhh, so handsome! Taken in

Carven Ong? I LOVE his wedding couture...simply gorgeous! The material of the gowns is in fine quality too. Thumbs up, fantastic! But, both the wedding and evening gowns are expensive, about RM 7000?? I can't afford though.

Carven Ong has his own academy as well, which was called under his name, Carven Academy of Fashion. What a talented successful man!
He gives lectures in his Academy!

Can you spot his masterpiece? Yes, the one in BLUE, Shiny Blue, satin, I guess, wore by Michelle in MMU 2007 cocktail dinner after the final.

and he sponsors evening dresses for Miss Astro.

Sue Ann in the final of Miss Astro 2006. Photo Courtesy of Sue Ann.

The matching of colours is just right.

This is so cool, so irresistable!

Jimmy Choo who is best known for his handmade, exquisite luxury women's shoes? Apparently, this Penang-born designer was already bestowed the title of Dato' for his achievements and fame, NOT his fortune.

As he had sold his 50% shares in Jimmy Choo Ltd for RM 70 million in Year 2001. Not a bright choice, because it was reported that with new stores opening around the world, it was estimated that the turnover could be around RM 350 million end of this year.

Berlin by Jimmy Choo, at the price of Euro 475, approximately RM 2200!

so He's a shoe designer NOT a businessman.

However, Dato' Jimmy Choo is still designing shoes under Jimmy Choo Couture line licensed under Jimmy Choo Ltd. This is available by appointment in London only whereas Jimmy Choo London line, aka the Jimmy Choo ready-to-wear or just 'Jimmy Choo' is available in Jimmy Choo boutique and soon in Kuala Lumpur!

I wonder if I had the chance to wear Jimmy Choo in my whole life.

Oh, my dear Carrie is wearing Bias in black by Jimmy Choo

Enough said about Dato' Jimmy. Let's talk about Zang Toi, a new york based Malaysian fashion designer! With his signature devious smile, I'll bet American will love him more than I do.

Malaysia-born top model, Ling is wearing his dress as shown below.

Ling and Zang Toi in the middle.

What about Khoon Hooi? Check his design below

Simple and Elegant. Well I guess similar dresses can be found in Sungei Wang at a bargain price. Needless to mention, the quality must be different from Khoon Hooi.

I have got a couple T-shirts designed by Khoon Hooi too!

1 out of the total 4 sketches, designed by 4 different local fashion designers in Levi's 2007 Valentine's Day Collections.

I like Khoon Hooi's simplicity.

but I love Key Ng. Apart from the affordable price (could be because it's 100% manufactured locally), I love his designs with pleats. Love his designs for the ladies in office.

The other day when I drove along Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Cheras and I saw a familiar dark blue building, Yes! you're right, it's Key Ng! I was curious why Key Ng boutique was opened there?

My latest collection of Key Ng. Classy! Besides, can you see the FOC leather name card holder?

Out of curiousity, I went to that building to check it out then only I realised that it was the HQ of Key Ng, not the boutique. But hey people, I'm not that crazy about Key Ng, ok! My office is very near to the headquarter of Key Ng.

Nonetheless, there is a thing about Key Ng that I'm upset about...

Key Ng with specs.

He is not as leng chai as I expected him to be! Sob sob...not comparable with Jonathan Cheng!! Perfection is impossible!

Nvm, I will still support you! Gambate o! Key Ng!

so People, Support Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!