Friday, February 29, 2008

Marche @ The Curve

Marche, pronounced as 'Mar-shay' means market in French language. This restaurant self-describes itself as creative, colourful and innovative. It is actually established by a Swiss-based Movenpick Group.

There are 5 different types of dining rooms, namely Brasserie, Lounge, Poterie, Locanda and Swiss Auberge to meet different people's expectations. My understanding of the designs of the rooms should be cafe style, waiting area style, pottery style where all the objects are made of clay, italian interior design style and swiss inn respectively. :P Besides, there are dining areas named as children's corner, Boulevard 1 & 2 and etc acquire as many customers as possible.

The map of the restaurant!

All the food served are divided in different food stations. There are 'Bar', 'Cheese', 'Food & Beverage', 'Ice-cream', 'Grill', 'Pasta', 'Soup', 'Vegetable', 'Salad', 'Bakery' and 'Rosti' food stations! You will know what to look for in those stalls as the names of the same read it out clearly!

Further, once you enter the restaurant, each of you'll be given a passport each to purchase food in the restaurant.

The 'passport'! Do Not lose it or else you'll need to pay RM 200 as penalty!

Get your passport stamps before you take away your food. Remember not to lose the passport or else you'll need to pay RM200 as penalty as stated clearly in the passport. Haha...if I were to lose it, I guess I won't pay the said RM200 simply because it is too unreasonable! Well perhaps next you will see me arguing with the staff there or wash bowls at the back of the restaurant!! Haha...but one thing for sure I won't pay!!! Sue me then! (*evil smile*)

Now folks, follow me to check out the restaurant itself!! 'Let's go!!'

'Swiss Auberge' dining room, waitor in yellow and Children's corner dining area.

Chairs with the images of fruits!! So cutie!

The entrance to the ' Locanda' dining area.

'Bakery' food station.

'Hot Coffee & Cold Beverage' food station.

Order fruit juice here, underneath the tree and the monkey! Monkey so cute OMG!

Tour guide posing! hehe...

The below is the ONLY picture of some raw meat I took in the restaurant. We are actually not surposed to take those pics!

Lamb chop at the price of RM28.50 and chicken breast at RM 14.50.

and some pictures of the cooked food!!!

The fresh salmon in gravy.

add lemon to enhance the taste!

Mushroom soup! This is not the common campbell you can get anywhere in supermarket! This one got a strong mushroom flavour leh! Very tasty!

I ain't from campbell!

The mushrooms!! Rating: 9/10...haha...I'm baised! I always LOVE the combination of mushrooms with butter! (and spring onion)

Great one!

The turkey in gravy!

Turkey, mash potatoes and onions!

A very thin seafood pizza. Rating: 7/10.

Traditional italian seafood pizza with the ingredients of mussels and prawns.

Sausage with pancake and egg?! Some cooked dough?! No idea! I didn't order this! :P


The group of friends, eating happily! and so I say this restaurant is best for gathering and an ideal place for family day! So spacious your kids can jump like a monkey!!! jkjk :P But hey, active kids are normally smarter, aren't they?!!

They served dragon fruits juice too. You hardly find it in other restaurant!

and finally the man who settled the bills! Thanks man (Ban Peng) for your treat! Happy belated b'day again! :P Stay happy!

Pay at the cashier next to the exit before you leave!

and there gone my weekends! sob sob! click here to go to the official website of the restaurant!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Sleep Better With Chipster to Chipster Up My Day!

It is regular to me when I am forced to wake up early in the morning for work.

Forced to wake up early for work.

It is still normal to me during working hours.

At work, bored!

Normal during lunch break.

Taking lunch as usual.

After work, normal!

Going home, a lil excited but still not feeling great.

During weekends, I go shopping but I still feel normal!

Going shopping every weekends though it fulfils my desire but still it is like a routine, nothing special.

Night time, I go to the bed and yet feeling normal.

Suffering insomnia at times due to over-stressed.

However, it is no longer an ordinary day to me every day and night again ever since I discover a major breakthrough!!


'CHIPSTER' to brighten up my daily life! and from thereon, things have changed a lot!!!

I wake up blissfully every morning as I have CHIPSTER as my breakfast!

No longer feeling reluntant to wake up early!

During work hours, CHIPSTER would be there to energise my mind and boost up my efficiency!

Yummy, eat CHIPSTER and work at the same time!

Lunch hour, I feel more excited with CHIPSTER around!

CHIPSTER is my dessert.

After work, I carry CHIPSTER to continue brighten up my day!

Going home feeling excited with CHIPSTER!!

While shopping, I do it with style and with CHIPSTER!

It's wonderful to shop with CHIPSTER!

After a busy day, I feel satisfied, sleep peacefully at night...and smile in my sleep with CHIPSTER by my side!!

Finally sleep well at night! ~Sweet dreams~

All the above shows that I sleep better with Chipster :P say 'CHIPSTER' to chipster up your day! (*hahahahaha*) So Do ya lack of something in life??

Perhaps you are lacking of CHIPSTER?!?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Malaysia Daintihill @ Pavilion

Let's continue to talk about food now...our daily necessity to stay alive that one can't be forgotten (*guffaw*)

I will now take you to the female fashion restaurant at Daintihill, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

'Ta-da' this is the restaurant sign of Daintihill in Chinese.

'Dai Guan Shan' in Mandarin.

The restaurant itself is originally from Taiwan. However, the concept of the restaurant and the food served are actually the combination of both the Japanese style food and trendy fashion restaurants design.

Interior design.

Let's start the food tour now!

fruit salad.

The apple, dragon fruit and melon topped with orange flavour sauce is a special creation you seldom see elsewhere.

Ceasar Salad.

This is the best ceasar salad I have ever tried! To be frank, I hate salad. But this one, I ought to give thumbs up! It tastes great man!! Rating: 8.5/10.

Tuna Salad.

This tuna salad tastes normal and comes in very small portion. I guess I can finish it at 4 tablespoons. (*lol*) but of course you don't dine in that way in an elegant lady restaurant!

Apple, orange, grape and etc tea.

Mixed fresh fruits tea at the price of RM 16.

The sushi-like baked rice roll topped with cheese sauce and fish egg is sweet. The rice roll doesn't taste like sushi and you can't eat it with wasabi. However, part of the rice roll is still made of seaweed too! Perhaps you can call 'em the chinese sushi?! (*grins*) Anyway, I still prefer the traditional sushi although these creative ones do look fantastic!

The pretty Ice-blended Rashberry.

This mango Ice-blended comes together with mango cube.

The low fat cold prawn, strawberry, melon salad is best for the ladies in diet.

This hot beef dish with pepper sauce goes well with rice, I guess! (*giggle*) This one is best recommended for guys who visit Daintihill. The 'proper dish' for guys I guess.

The spicy bean curd in meat sauce with peanuts tastes good too.

Stewed chicken with clams, red peppers and spring onions tastes good also!

The signature drink is for ladies and it comes in 5 different alcohols, sorry I have no idea what are they made of...haha...I'm never an alcoholic! But the red one tastes like raspberry :P Anyone who happen to read this, do update me the name of the alcohol if you know! and I will give you something as a reward! :P (add in my comments, the 5 lucky + correct ones will receive special gifts from Hinky Pinky!)

Anyway, the drink tastes balanced, not very sweet or bitter.

The great thing about this restaurant is that all the food served is exceptionally beautiful. If you don't like the food there, I'm sure you'll love the interior design and the scenery outside the window of the restaurant where you can see the sky-high twin towers.


168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Pavilion KL, 6th Floor, Lot 6.01.05

Tel/Fax: 03-21456628

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fine Dining @ Michelangelo Restaurant.Deli.Bar, Pavilion

Outside Michelangelo Restaurant.

Eddie and I, invited our best buddies, Yin and Yew Wei, to join us for dinner during Valentine's Day. We changed our plan for Valentine's Day last minute and did not make reservation again for the second time, so we ended up in the italian restaurant @ Michelangelo Restaurant.Deli.Bar, Pavilion.

Statue of David created by Michelangelo who has the fame alongside Leonardo Da Vinci during the days of Renaissance.

Reasons of us being in Pavilion were because there are various of finest international cuisine for us to choose and the environment is romantic especially when it was decorated with romantic lightings, which made it one of the best place for Valentine's dinner.

Seats specially made for the love birds.

Most importantly you don't need to queue for 1 hour before getting in the restaurant, which is the main point why I were there for dinner in Pavilion during one of the most packed evenings of the year.

The restaurant was really busy on Valentine's night.

We ordered one dish each and another pizza to share among us.

Costiera Pizza which consists of squids, prawns, mussels, marinated red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella is great in taste. For those who are not familiar with mozzarella, it is actually a general term for Italian cheeses. Selling price for this 8-piece pizza is at RM 29.90.

Fapellini Al Promodoro E Basilico which comes in angel hair pasta cooked with healty olive oil, fresh basil herb and tomatoes sauce is best for vegetarians. This is actually just a plain spagetti which comes in tomato sauce, but the tomato sauce is quite tasty too. Price: RM 19.90 Rating: 7/10.

Pollo Alla Marsala is a pan grilled chicken topped with the mozzarella cheese and served with creamy marsala wine and capers sauce. The sauce is excellant and chicken is fresh. However, the dish is simply too small for a guy :P Price for the small portion of chicken is at RM 35.90 Rating: 7/10.

The Spagetti Alla Carbonara is the best especially the cream sauce. They put chopped garlic and smoked beef bacon for extra taste. Price: RM 26.90 Rating: 8/10

Spagetti Marinara sizzlelini is served in a sizzling skillet with 2 king prawns, 2 mussles, a few calamari rings and approximately 20 clams in spicy tomato sauce. It looked fantastic but it taste normal to me. Price: RM 39.90 Rating: 7/10

Blended Green Apple, Blended Carrot Juice and Ice Chocolate priced at RM 9 each and Ice lemon tea at the price of RM 8.

Tiramisu in rich mascarpone cream and topped with cocoa powder.

Finally, we indulged ourselves with a tiramisu cake at the cost of RM 15.90. The tiramisu was soft and very creamy, maybe they put too much of the fattening mascarpone cream. Rating: 6/10. If you love mascarpone, this is definately a 'YES' for you.

Now, check out the interior design of the restaurant.

The Italian paintings are hanging everywhere in the Restaurant and the ambience of the restaurant makes you feel that as if you were in Italy! instead of Malaysia!

You can see the chef cooking your food in the open view of kitchen in the restaurant as well.

And so, this was the end of our Valentine's Day without a candle light dinner, BUT we have had our besties for company. Thus, it was still a wonderful night for me :P I love the environment of the restaurant and I'm sure I'll be back there again :P although the food is quite pricy. (The price quoted above are exclusive of the 15% compulsory tax).