Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Perfection

Have you ever realised, when you're young and tender, whatever food adults give it to you, say ice-cream you'll smile joyfully and by the time you realise your mouth is already full of ice-cream or that you eat too fast your ice-cream drops from your mouth.

When you grow up, you have then tried too many you start to categorise which is good which is bad and you make a choice only to eat Baskin-Robbins, New Zealand Natural Premium Ice-cream or Haagen Hazs.

When you are small, and you come from average income family and your dad probably only drive a proton perdana at his best.

When you have tried driving bimmer 3 series, you probably won't want to give the local products proton car a glance because it's simply not comparable. You now want, 5 series or 7 series. Some may want 6 series (because those costs more as compare to 7 series in Malaysia due to the fact that it must be imported from overseas), they want status they want recognition.

OK, young teenage girls, high-school students, the bags they use are probably from petaling street (boutique), cost at most also RM 50 each. Big ones ok!

When they grow up, they realise 'hey Guess looks so much nicer' and obviously Guess bags cost at least RM 300 each. Then when they start to work, making their own $ and LV is affordable, go for LV (even though some may not save much money in their bank accounts). Needless to say LV (Louis Vuitton) ladies' bag costs at least RM 2K (*staring eyes and gaping mouth*) When I say 2K, maybe you'll get the standard monogram ones, don't have nice patterns ok, not the cherry ones ok.

Zakaria Md Derus' mansion.

and probably they want to stay in big house too, as big as Zakaria's one.
What I was trying to say that human being greedy is natural, it's common. When you grow up not only you will widen your views, you must learn to be complacent too, happy with what you have (three). At the same time, you may work hard for those that you don't have keeping in mind not to overstress yourself (emotionally, mentally and physically). It's all fate though some say fate is controllable.

As I mentioned earlier, when you grow up you've learnt more, you'll know how to groom yourself better and have better photography skills (blurry pictures not allowed, use tripod if hand shake). Although I'm not so much of a camwhore like blogger fourfeetnine, I admit I do love taking picture of myself and admiring myself in front of the computer (if it's not from the photo albums) viewing pictures of myself (*laugh my heart out*).
I know being a perfectionist generates hatred, I hate or maybe used to hate perfectionist.

It's like you buy them a birthday present you have scouted for one day, one freaking whole day but by the time you pass to them,

Perfectionist: "Why not buy from Singapore? (*keepin in mind we are in KL*) They wrap nicer."


or worse

Perfectionist: "Where you buy?"

Folk:"Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur."

Perfectionist: "Shit so ugly and it costs more than Sg! Ugly never mind, what's worse is you pay so much and buy me a low quality, ugly stupid present. If you pay twice the original price and get a nice one never mind...(shit coming out)"

Hey people, perfectionist like that does exist in this world ok!! I do not make it up or maybe I did exaggerate it hehe. So what?! Still you ought to stop being that kind of perfectionist and generates hatred among your friends (or enemies you wouldn't know) ok! You know you put yourself in that situation, no one to blame, NO one to blame understand? Do I make it clear? You're the one who will suffer, your life would be miserable, give in k?!

Ok, now recently when I look back my old pictures, I think I looked ugly but that time I thought I was pretty, and it was my best look in the pictures! OMG! (Those were the good memories man! gosh miss it although I looked mostly like a fatty bom bom) Now, when people improve, I improve too and starting to dislike, I never say hate, the old photos cause either I was ugly or the pictures were blurry or the pictures were lack of lighting exposure.

Photo taken: July 20, 2003 (one of the first few pictures taken by my old kodak digicam costs around RM 970 at that time) Venue: Leisure Mall

Used to love that picture a lot, apparently not now lar...the face so white...but still ok, acceptable.

Photo taken: August 21, 2003 (still taken by my old kodak digicam, all photos with the date written no it were taken by my kodak digicam) Venue: Redbox, Low Yat

Blurry picture, can't see the face clearly though, still acceptable. I'm not saying that all my pictures are nicely taken now, but at least I know the options. (*hahaha*)

Photo taken: August 22, 2003 Venue: Genting Highlands theme park

Young and naive?!?

Photo taken: August 24, 2003 Venue: Wisma Atria, Sg

Chin Pei took that for me during our day trip (2 of us only) to Singapore, Orchard Road for shopping! Miss those times, now she is busy working no time for me! (*anger*) Chin Pei, you better read this and come Cheras find me! haha

Photo taken: August 26, 2003 Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Photo taken during Sheffield Pre-departure party. (L-R: Sue Li, Denise, me, Gary and Berinda)

Photo taken: September 26, 2003 Venue: Corridor outside my room in Halifax Hall of Residence

L-R: Pretty Yeen Pei, Hui Min and I

Photo taken: September 28, 2003 Venue: Inside Marie Louise's room (opposite mine) in Halifax Hall of Residence

Me on the left, Marie Louise on the first right on back row, Anna second right on the back row and the rest of the girls I've forgot their names :P

Photo taken: October 11, 2003 Venue: Trafford Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom

Me on the third from left, looked so ugly! So sad, planned so long to look good but turned up like ah lian :( I still remember Yeen Pei and I purposely wore black thigh matching with black knee-length boots together for that trip! :P

L-R: TJ, Yeen Pei, Me, Denise, Sue Li, Cherrian and a friend which I have forgotten her name.

Photo taken: October 4, 2003 Venue: somewhere near Sheffield City Centre, United Kingdom

Yeen Pei sweetie and I posing. Nice photo although I dressed up like some kampung girl.

Photo taken: November 3, 2003 Venue: Somewhere at the Nothingham University, UK

L-R: Voon Chung, Jason, Chin Seng and I. Nice scenery though...

Photo taken: December 3, 2003 Venue: Somewhere in Cambridge, UK

L-R: stranger passing by, another TJ, me, Yen, Chin Seng and Yu Jing. Can you spot the McD behind us?

Photo taken: December 24, 2003 Venue: Sheffield, UK

The only non-Christian who joined the Christmas Caroling (in the pic of course) in Christmas Eve 2003.

Photo taken: February 15, 2004 Venue: Sheffield, UK

May Gin and my birthday bash at Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield, UK.

L-R: Voon Chung, TJ (standing), Chin Seng, Esther, May Gin, Vivi, Kevin, Kelvin, Tracy, Denise, Yeen Pei (head popping-up), me, James and Yen (in the middle of the picture)

Photo taken: April 2004 Venue: Scotland

On our way to Isle of Skye, Scotland. My hair so messy!

Photo taken: May9, 2004 Venue: Alton Towers, UK

Photo taken inside Alton Towers, one of the UK best theme parks in Staffordshire.

Photo taken: August 2, 2004 Venue: Dining Area at My rented house in 9 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield, UK

Denise and I posing with my just cooked Tom Yam Mee Hon! Yummy Yummy!! Maybe it wasn't that yummylicious, but because I was the one who cooked it so...BRAVO! (*lol*) because ever since I came back from Sheffield, I've never entered into the Kitchen! Maybe I did, one or two times?? (Oops!)

Both of us looked so aunty-like somemore, and this was one of the pictures posted in my friendster previously and Denise went "Hey Nai Hsing, why did you put the picture up, was so ugly! faster take down!!) SO true, was very ugly indeed but I thought it was beautiful at that time ok!! (*eyes-rolling into my head*)

And now I get it posted because it was our mutual good memories in Sheffield.

Photo taken: August 28, 2004 Venue: Vivi's place in Sheffield, UK

Vivi's birthday celebration. My face so round!!! OMG

Photo taken: September 17, 2004 Venue: somewhere in Malmo, Sweden

Face so round! OMG ok maybe it's justifiable, weather in Europe is cold ok! Not a very nice picture though, picture shown so much of the ground leh!!

Photo taken: September 22, 2004 Venue: some dolls retailer in Stockholm, Sweden

Picture was lack of light exposure, wasn't it?

Photo taken: November 27, 2004 Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland

Heh, one of the nice pictures for me, nice spot for photo shooting although I didn't look so good but pale instead (*gloomy*)

Photo taken: November 28, 2004 Venue: Lucerne, Switzerland

Me with the Swiss flag to prove my visit to the peaceful country of the world! Yeah, world peace! ^_^

Photo taken: December 25, 2004 Venue: 9 Wilkinson Street, UK

Christmas day, street so quiet. So I dressed up to take pictures of me in my house. haha, so wu liao right?? but I like! (*lol*) but the Zara dress at 29 pounds (cheap le, good quality somemore)didn't suit me that well unfortunately! I hardly wear it, maybe wear only at most twice?! Anyone wants it???! The dress is meant for girls like Charlotte in Sex and The City! Yes girls with bigger boobs! :D

Photo taken: February 9, 2005 Venue: Chinese Restaurant in Sheffield City Centre

Got this posted because the girls are all hainanese! how rare! not because my eyes were half opening half closing ok! Were celebrating CNY together, had reunion dinner with friends cause couldn't do it with own family as air ticket expensive.

Photo taken: February 11, 2005 Venue: Bia Hoi in Sheffield

Yu Jing and my face turned so red after some alcohols! (*embarrassed*)

Photo taken: February 16, 2005 Venue: Nando's, Sheffield

Oouu...My 21st birthday celebration!! with 2 cakes. Chocolate was pressie from everyone and the strawberry was made by Cherrian! Thanks guys! Really appreciate it! Even though it was more than 3 years ago, the good old times are clearly imprinted in my mind! (*touched*)

Photo taken: April 4, 2005 Venue: Brussel, Belgium

Me, sitting in front of the Parliament building in Brussel with the flag of Belgium to prove that 'I was here'

Photo taken: April 5, 2005 Venue: Keukenkof, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beautiful tulips.

Photo taken: April 19, 2005 Venue: Kingdom, Sheffield

Clubing in Kingdom, the best club in Sheffield, I think, with the best R&B music!

Photo taken: May 8, 2005 Venue: Sheffield

Massoc Dinner and Dance, annual dinner for ladies to dress up! or uglify yourself if your have ugly make-up and bad hair-do! especially when you DIY them, which most of us did! What to do! Poor student couldn't afford or were not willing to pay at least 20 pounds for the hair-do. SO DIY is still the best option at that time ;-)

Photo taken: May 31, 2005 Venue: Las Iguanas, Sheffield

Joanne and I, rewarded ourselves in Las Iguanas, one of the fine dining restaurant near our 9 Wilkinson Street after exam!

Photo taken: June 14, 2005 Venue: Paris Disneyland

Me and some Disney Cartoon character, duno who also...inform me if you know ok! hehe

Photo taken: June 18, 2005 Venue: Lloret De Mar, Spain

Chilling out in a beach in Spain during our Summer Trip after graduation!

Photo taken: June, 2005 Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

Yes I was that fat once...

Photo taken: July 21, 2005 Venue: Student Union, University of Sheffield

Picture time with Engineering graduates.

Photo taken: July, 2005 Venue: Vatican City

Wow, this one my mom looked great (mainly because the sunglasses were used to cover the eyes) and me like a man, clumsy ma, legs widely opened! Sigh! but I love the colour of my top and jacket.

Photo taken: September 17, 2005 Venue: Times Square

The last picture for this entry! Yin and I at Berjaya Times Square! On the same day, Eddie and I were technically together. But he wasn't there, he was at Penang for work.

Ok go back to what I mentioned earlier, the perfection. As the matter of fact, I just wanna get my photos posted. Those are just some random thoughts I have. No offence ok! Cause me too sometimes like things to be perfect as well and hopefully it doesn't generate hatred!

Gosh, I miss UK, I miss those time I had the money to travel around! (*Sob Sob*) Can't really do it now though because we now talk about investment, financial investment I mean. Whatever I have now, will dump into investment (blindly?!)...sigh...must spare some time in it sooner!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Treechada Marnyaporn, the Real Woman?!

OMG, such a beautiful woman! (*nose bleeding*)

She won 2 titles in Thailand, namely Miss International Queen 2004 and Miss Tiffany 2004!! (ok, now you know why!)

Err...those are the beauty pageants for transgenders, hahaha (Did I scare the freak out of ya?)

She can act cute somemore! (*cawaii*)

Sexy ones. (*continue nose bleeding*)!!

So irresistable and yet unbelievable. Really hope I can meet her up one day :D

Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday at Capitol Hotel, KL Convention Centre, Uncle Lim and Eden @ The Curve

Colours we used for the drawings.

Like most people, I'm always looking forward weekends and can't get enough of it! I woke up early last saturday because I intended to complete a 2-day nail art seminar which started from 10 am to 5pm each day for both Saturday and Sunday and thereafter I'll be awarded a certificate as a qualified pedicurist and medicurist.

Teacher drawing.

However, things didn't go as planned. After 3 hours of learning to draw 3 types of leaves, I found the course boring! And I called Eddie to pick me up in which he came 2 hours later. While waiting for me to come, I took an one-hour lunch break in the same hotel...

Buffet-style lunch.

and ate some food, desserts, and my favourite lychee drinks. I realised there were bunch of enthusiasts paid RM 1800 flew down all the way from outstations to KL and stayed overnight just to attend the course! Of course, unlike me they were medicurists. That was when I realised I must leave instantly it's not like I'm gonna practise drawing leaves after the course! I might as well save all the hassle, pay a medicurist, sit back and relax, ask her to get my nails done! :D

Lunch at Capitol Hotel.

After lunch I completed another hour of the course before Eddie came to pick me. So I attended a total of 4 hours course against the completed course of 12 hours. Not bad though at least I accomplished 1/3 of the course! (*giggle*)

Yu Jing and I.

We went to property fair at KL Convention Centre, bumped into some friends and took a picture of us as if my friends and I went to the property fair together! lol

Nice living room.

After we spent an hour in the KL Convention Centre, we went to a showroom where I secretly took a picture of it! haha...before we proceeded to hang out at The Curve.

Porridge and barley water.

We had our baked bread (roti bakar), porridge and barley at the price of RM 1.80, RM 7.90 and RM 2.00 (exclusive of compulsory 5% tax) respectively at Uncle Lim, The Curve during tea time.

Roti Bakar with kaya at RM 1.80.

Shopped for a while, then stopped at Eden, The Curve for dinner.

Eddie and I @ Eden, The Curve.

I arrived there at 7pm and there was only one table was relatively poor as compared to other restaurants at The Curve! Blame it on the location and the average taste of food.

No one was there!

But I do love the serene ambience of this restaurant.

The interior design is not bad too.

Modern ceiling lights.

Reserved table and children's area.

and we ordered Trinity beef.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Bernaise sauce (an emulsion of butter and egg yolk in some flavouring) at RM 28.50. Rating: 6.5/10. Too dry for me :(

New Zealand Grilled Lamb Chops with mint sauce and french fries at RM 29.50. Rating 7/10.

Oolong tea, Camomile tea and apple juice at RM 3.50, RM 5 and RM 8 respectively.

Finally four of us indulged ourselves in Adam and Eve Ice-cream at RM 19.50, which is made of Vanilla and Strawberry ice-cream served with raisin, strawberries, cherry and kiwi fruits and topped with wafer and whipped cream.

If you do not like the story of Adam and Eve, I'm sure you will like the Adam and Eve at Eden.

and that's how a city girl like me spent for my Saturday...well kinda bored even though we are surrounded by great food, cinemas, shopping malls and variety of clubs. I need a holiday at some other places!! (*sob sob*)