Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Klang Bak Kut Teh @ Kuchai Maju

Now you don't have to go all the way to Klang for their notable Bak Kut Teh, because we have it in KL!! (*guffaw*)

Not only can you save petrol money (for not going to Klang), time (you take to go Klang), and yet you can enjoy the Klang food in KL especially when it is fabulous too!! OMG what a wiser choice!

Typical oriental interior design! Got 'Guan Gong' some more! Not bad leh!

I must say that I'm so in love with this restaurant!!

Carrie Bradshaw's 'In Love'!!

Cleanliness of this restaurant is a freaking 10/10!! Okay lar, it is actually a newly open restaurant! So faster visit this restaurant before it gets dirty! (*lol*) Oh ya, you know right sometimes you go Wong Kok, you sit on the chair, you feel the chair is sticky, isn't it? But you don't get the chance to have the same feeling here in Restaurant Soon Huat, here is so comfy leh!

The size of the restaurant is average, you can dine inside or outside the restaurant. To my left, you can see the first picture on the top. To my right, you can see the family enjoyed eating the food as the above picture! It feels like home man!

ok...let's go to the food part! (*drooling*) Joking I'm very full now just taken dinner! hehe

Before (empty table without food)

So happy!!!

Normal soup Bak Kut Teh at RM 10...tasty, of course Heng Kee better lar :P

What makes Soon Huat better is that they have Klang dry Bak Kut Teh, at RM 12 (guess they purposely charge us higher knowing that there are not a lot of dry Bak Kut Teh in KL!! evil *_*)!! Justifiable though cos it tastes super nice! Two thumbs up!

Fried dough fritter aka You Char Kuey at RM 2.

Tau Foo Pok at RM 3!

Total bill was RM 35.10 (for two persons)! But the lady boss only charged us RM 35! I notice I always get discount when I visit Bak Kut Teh restaurant! haha...the bill was for all the above dishes and 2 butter rice at RM 1 each, 2 white rice at RM 0.80 each and chinese tea in pot at RM 4.50! Did I scare you away? Nope, I don't normally eat so much :P

In general, I would give a 9.5 over 10 for this restaurant taking into consideraton of the cleanliness, great food, and nice interior design! Hmm...the owners also very friendly (though I saw one of the guy owners smoke outside the restaurant :P)

Restaurant Soon Huat

No. 2A, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 017-2115995 (If the lady owner is attractive, she will definately busy by receiving loads of misterious guys' calls in town!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Starbucks Breakfast Promotions

Hey guys, starbucks is having breakfast promotions from 21st to 30th April!!

Choose any one of these warm toasted Ciabatta bread at the price of RM 4.75 (including tax) only as below:-

a) tomato, basil & cheese

b) sausage, egg & cheese

c) mushroom, tomato & cheese

Choice b and a complimentary coffee.

and receive a free tall size freshly brewed coffee which costs RM 6.50 (price quoted before tax)!!

Absolutely great value for healthy people who take breakfast in the morning and plus the Ciabatta tastes wonderfully excellent!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay @ Plaza Berjaya, Jalan Imbi

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games' torch relay run was held yesterday on 21st April 2008 in Malaysia!!

I was so glad to have witnessed one of the 80 torch bearers running along the route in front of Plaza Berjaya! was very excited actually especially when the Olympic Torch Relay was only held in Kuala Lumpur again after 44 years!!! Must say thank you to my company! If the office was not located so near to Plaza Berjaya, I would have missed the chance to see the relay! haha...opps between, I hope sneaking out of the office for 20 minutes would not get me fired! :P

People waiting impatiently to see the torch bearer carring the torch running in the street!

This was the second time in Malaysia so I guess many people were not as lucky as me to have the chance to witness the once in a lifetime event! Hahaha...but maybe they don't even bother to see it also :P

At first I though I could see Lin Yu Zhong (aka Rynn Lim) as he was one of the torch bearers. But I didn't. I used to admire him and for the first time bought his original first album CD at RM 36++ after 6 years of stopping buying the originals!!! Because I'm too poor to afford the originals :P I've shifted my interest to clothing like Carry Bradshaw. Apparently I didn't have the money like Carry would have had (*grins*). Oh yeah, don't get me wrong I'm neither the hard core fans of Lin Yee Chung. I did not buy his second and third albums though I bought the Sony Cybershot Album-T of whom Rynn is the ambassador. That's because I love to take picture of the surrondings and of course of myself! :P K...enough said...let's go back to the torch relay :P

Actually I received an email stating that Rynn Lim would pass the torch to Toto Sports Executive Director Vincent Seow and thereafter handover it to Nick Lazaridis at Plaze Berjaya! So I purposely went to see the relay, praying I would have the chance to meet Lin Yu Zhong...haha...but I heard he was already inside one of the chaperons' cars when they reached Plaza Berjaya.

This obviously didn't look anything like Nick Lazaridis (who was supposed to run in front of Plaza Berjaya). I have no idea who is he also!! haha...but was glad I was in a great spot to see him running and carrying the torch with flame!! lol Did you see his smile on the face?

More of the said torch bearer! Could't see him clearly from here! He was surrounded by policemen in the tight security!

So many followers! Olympic enthusiasts, Malaysian patriots, money earners, athletes, soldiers, etc...

Between, do let me know if you know who was the torch bearer! ok!

Police car following behind the torch bearer.

Loads of china supporters as well! Being a Malaysian-born-CHINESE, I'm proud also lar...

and this police who was driving a Nissan X-trial ?!! Nissan X-trial right?? was following closely behind the Proton Waja police car.

Then tour buses at the far end.

Check out this video!! The person who wore striking green passing by the video was me! hehe How I wish I'm one of the torch bearers! Perhaps my youngest brother could be one in the future! being a national player of table tennis! (*guffaw*)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always An Employee

As a student, we’re always busy with homework and we normally stress out only during exams periods whereby more of self-study can help to reduce the stress.

When we get paid for the work we do, it’s a different scenario because you need to deal with people to get your job completed. It’s about team work instead of individual work this time. In this case, you’ll probably get stress NOT only for the work you need to complete on your own, but you also learn to handle stress when the people you need to deal with is one of those not-so-friendly ones.

Some people are so lazy like for example they have the documents you need, but they will tell you they are not sure about it and they don’t handle it. However, when you somehow mention to refer to the higher management, ‘POP’ the documents are right in front of you! Cool huh! And when you go further to check with the documents you will find out all these are within the lazy people’s knowledge! Totally inconsistent of what they claim it to be!

Second, lazy people always fool the people around them, asking them to do their job on behalf of them (Sometimes they force!!)! Then again when you mention to refer to the higher management, they will stop talking about it. It’s like they see the shark loans (they have recently begged pitifully for the money they needed), they turn their back around pretend nothing has ever happened.

Thirdly, lazy people like to say ‘tomorrow’. When you pass them documents for them to follow up, they say tomorrow. I don’t understand why can’t they keep the documents with them immediately instead of saying their whole table is a total mess and tomorrow is the best idea! You know all you need to do it accept the documents, open the drawer and put it nicely inside the drawer! God knows lazy people are unorganized as well? Personally it’s acceptable to me when this scenario happens in your home sweet home and it’s totally unjustifiable when it happens during work!

Sometimes I reckon lazy people love to claim that they are unlucky. They are unlucky because their boss is absolutely biased and evil (Say others evil without realising they are one of those too!) and always give them heavier workload as compared to other people who are holding the same position as they do. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of communication between the team members. Of course then they will say it’s useless to talk to evil people as they won’t listen. But there is always a final resort. QUIT your job. Well then again maybe they are too afraid to lose their job.

Finally as most people are aware, these lazy people are seldom in the managerial level and always holding the same position and ‘unlucky’ statement again comes out! Okay give them a break, probably their working capability are limited and that’s why they are always so busy and nervous and no time to pass the files, ask you to do their job and always love to continue the follow-up tomorrow. Maybe, maybe they are unable to multi-task too?! Eh?? Can stay back what??!! Ok fine got family to take care! Oklar…different people do things differently…fine seriously fine :D

Wow…today I so great typed so many words! *applause* but this post is too dry!

Hahaha…Just to hinky pinky up my post! and Hinky Pinky ain't always an employee...because I am lazy too my dream is to stay at home do nothing and become a so-called handicap!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh

Today I'm gonna bring you all to the Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh at PJ Old Town! Most of you have probably heard of it because it is so famous even the Taiwan famous TV Host and Chef, Ah Hung has been here!!

I went there last Saturday with Eddie for dinner, it was almost full house! OMG!

The above picture was taken from my seat at the corner of the restaurant!! so many uncle and auntie even ang mo was there as well!

ta-da...some of the food we ordered, this one I don't eat, this was for Eddie. I only eat lean pork meat, hate the fat ones. So I rather order pork rib! hehe!!

like this one! hehe...very nice! We ordered vege as well!

Cabbage with olyster sauce and fried garlic! simple and nice! thumbs up!

Golden Needle Mushroom! translation from the chinese name! cos I don't know what is that called in English! :D

Tofu is a must also!! Sigh I forgot to order the fried dough fritters! Actually Eddie forgot to order!! Eddie, please take note ok! hehe... fried dough fritters is a must for me when I take bak kut teh! not to mention the white rice la!

A table full of food!

Total bill was RM 32.40 including 4 bowls of white rice and chinese tea! We paid only RM 32 cause we didn't have small change! and the auntie very nice allowed us to pay less, maybe because she is very rich already! (*lol*) In total, the food is quite nice la. Rating: 7.5/10 (since it is always so crowded)

No. 16, Jalan 1/10 (Old Town) 46000 PJ, Selangor.
Tel: 03-77851663
H/P: 012-3331063 Opening Hours: from 5.30pm till 12am everyday except Monday

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Huge Trunk

Spotted this huge trunk carrying the smaller truck recently in Bandar Sunway! How rare!

Plus there was a guy sitting inside the smaller truck, off to another place, perhaps another construction site to continue his work?! (*lol*)

Friday, April 11, 2008

DIY Shinny Bluery Nails

Nail art is in trend!

Though part of me fancy those colourful nails but still I have never spent a cent on my nails for the flowery nails in nail salon. I normally DIY...cheaper :P Somemore flowery nail art only looks nice on longer nails. I'm simply not lady-like enough to keep my nails long. So not worth it to do it in nail salon, I guess :P

So nice, pic taken in Jusco, Bandar Sunway!

This is the only fake long nails I have in my whole life so far! During my participation in MMU 2007.

Recently when I changed my job to work in a huge shopping complex in KL city, I get obsess with the nails! So many nail salons inside the complex, about 10 or more??!! crazy! Then one day when I passed by Ianti, I bought 2 bottles of nail polish! cost at RM 7.90 each! very cheap compared to if I do it in nail salon! ok! I save money :P

I did a simple ones! See it? Must take pictures first! hehe...I love it!

Take 1.

Some more I purposely use blue for the eye make-up to match with my nails (*grins*)!

Take 2.

Can't really see the nails right?? ok~~

Take 3.

Better! can see the nails clearly!

another try! Take 4.

Lowness??!! (*guffaw*)

and my collection of nail polish~ a bit only lar!

The 3 in the middle were those I used for my DIY nails! wanna do it yourself as well??

Follow me.

Step 1: apply blue nail polish evenly, let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 2: then apply the shinny purplish pink nail polish on top of the blue ones, wait for another 10 minutes.

Step 3 (final step): apply the elianto transparent nail polish (cost only RM 5), and let it dry for 30 minutes!! the longer the better!

Believe me, it can last for 2 weeks! without defects!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pork Rib with Spring Onion and Stir-Fried Chinese White Cabbage

Here is the second entry categorised under 'My Kitchen'. Chinese Cuisine this time! My all time favourite! I cooked 2 dishes yesterday!

1) Pork Rib with Spring Onion.

Looked nice? But taste...'ahem'

I cooked that. First, dump all the pork rib inside a pot and cook until it boils. Then pour the water away and put the pork rib inside a wok, then add a lil bit of rice wine, octagon spice (checked online, it is actually called Illicium Verum, aka Chinese Star Anise) 3 pieces, light soy sauce, 3 pieces of rock sugar, a lil bit of salt and spring onion. Then add water to cover the pork rib and stir. Finally cover the wok and cook for an hour.

I added oyster sauce (that was meant for the Chinese Cabbage, will be discussed later on) accidently into the dish and also dark soy sauce instead of light soy sauce, and boiled for only 15 minutes instead of 1 hour. So end results, the pork rib is very hard, very difficult to eat! but still can eat la! Lol!! Rating: 2/10, Eddie gave me a 3.5 to 4/10 and my mom gave 6/10.

Chinese White Cabbage.

2) Ingredients: Ginger, Garlic, Oyster sauce and chinese white cabbage (pak choy)

Do not follow the above ingredients because I tried it and it tastes weird! Rating: 2/10, Eddie gave 2/10 cause no taste and mom gave 5/10 and added not nice at all. I asked:''Why give 5 then?" She continued, half-half la...(*grins*)

Actaully, I think if you just add oyster sauce and light soy sauce to the vege, it would taste great! or add just ginger and garlic into the vege. Either one, not both! :D

The Mysterious Guy

On April Fool's Day at 1.07am, I received this sms 'I would like to know more about you' from an anonymous person of whom I name it as the 'Mysterious Guy'. It could be male or female, but I guess it's a male and certainly a pervert!

This person always call me in the morning around 7am or at night around 8 to 11pm, hardly call me during working hours. So I guess he must be someone who is busy working during the day time! and he might be someone I've met before or given a name card before...or else how did he get my number right? Unless he stole it from our common friend??

Somemore whenever I answer the phone call, he would keep quiet on the other side! What a pervert! and he doesn't answer anonymous call! because I tried to call the Mysterious Guy a few times using another phone number and he would not asnwer!!! I did call maxis to block the number, but they said can't! So if the Mysterious Guy still calls, I'll report to the police!

I wondering whether he reads my blog or not!! If you do, better don't call me!! I'll report to the police!

Update (April 8, 2008 at 11pm):

Pervert sms me on Saturday, asking me how to make a company a better place to work with.

Got frustrated, and I somehow got this info that the pervert's phone number was registered in Seremban under a person born in the year of 1957. I forgot the chinese name of the person and I just remember the last third word was 'seng'. This person may be the pervert himself, yeah it's a male (talk about it later) or any person to whom the pervert is related. Maybe father of the pervert?

Then Eddie tried to help me by distracting his attention and sms him asking whether he would like a meet up. He answered "go to disco". What a pity pervert lacking of love in life! *loser*

Eddie replied. And he replied back!

Out of curiousity, Eddie called him using another hp number, and to my surprise the pervert answered. Eddie didn't talk to him but I did. I tried to dig as much information as possible from him and I discovered he was in construstion field. Then I guess he could be some housing developer staff I'd met once. Of course then I ended the call by saying the reception was poor...

Then he called the 'another female' at about 2am, 4am and 6am respectively but to no avail, because everyone would be sleeping at that hour. Obviously I was pleased because he was finally attracted to the 'another female'.

In the next morning, without giving up, he sms to greet the 'another female' again.

The 'another female' didn't bother to reply. cos damn annoying lo!!! Maxis somemore asked me to change number, said couldn't block the pervert's number! No way, I want to keep my number ok! inconvenient somemore!

Damn f***ing annoyingly persistent pervert idiot loser continued to sms.

Since he received no respone! Just now I got another sms from him!

Help needed! If you know what I mean!

See it??? Can someone meet him up and take a picture of him so that I can get the pervert picture posted in my blog??? I want to suuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee him!!Somemore he didn't spell Sheffield University correctly!

Feeling Blue

I’m supposed to be happy in these few days because I’m on leave, I do not need to go office. In fact, I couldn’t wait more for these few days to arrive in the past one week. Apparently, things didn’t turn up the way I want them to be. I am feeling blue…for no reasons. No…there is some reasons for that.

On the first day when I could sleep a lil bit longer than the usual hour, I received a bad news in the morning and my whole day was spoilt. I know I shouldn’t upset about those small little things because I think I’ve done what a reasonable man would do in that situation and I have no regrets about it, but the thing is it just couldn’t get out of my mind!

I’m powered by emotion. I should not let those minor-league affect my mood, my enjoyment of holiday and my personal life! But shit…it has manipulated my mind! I’m a defeated player in da game!! (*anger*)

Of course on the same night, when I met up Chin Yee for dinner, I felt better and later on met up Eddie, better but not so good as compare to Chin Yee, because she supported me fully whereas Eddie asserted that it’s sad because I’m just an inferior in that case.

Second day, I woke up feeling down also (maybe I didn’t get over of what happened yesterday) I went to Elianto to buy some make-up accessories and I saw this eye-shadow with shimmer at the price of only RM 6, it was a good bargain I straight away grabbed it and paid it together with other powder puff and stuff at the counter. After I paid, I checked the receipt inside the shop in front of the counter, it stated that the eye-shadow was actually RM 12 instead of RM 6. Then I told the sales assistant, I didn’t want it as it not as cheap as I thought (I bought it because it’s cheap, if it’s MAC or Bobbi Brown, definitely I will ensure everything is in order before I pay).

The sales assistant (she’s an ugly woman with ugly face, no smile on her face at all during my shopping at the shop, like kena dumped by bf duno why maybe she’s forced to work as sale assistant or maybe she’s bored or whatever…but this is not a good customer service ok! well but I do like her eye make-up though :P), said no refund. I was like @#$%^&* but still I smiled (taking into consideration I was in a bad mood, I controlled my emotion very good already) said I never even try the product and it was stated in the price tag next to the product that it costs RM 6 instead of RM 12!!! If I were in a good mood, I’d just go but no, not this time. I know I’m ugly now but I can release my anger right? Especially I’m a consumer in this case!!

She then said the price tag was meant for another product but still I insisted to get back my money. She then asked her stupid face male supervisor to talk to me. That half-man half-woman with his dump eye make-up with eyeliner really pissed me off by saying NO, no refund.

I was like @#$%^&* again! It’s not because of the money. It’s after all only RM 6 difference. The thing is the price tag next to the eye shadow clearly stated RM 6 instead of RM 12, okay!! And the RM 12 was not facing upwards, how could I see it?!! I’m not in the height of 5 or 6 years old children ok! I don’t think their targeted buyers are of that height also! So misleading leh!

I’m damn pissed off I tell ya!! If I were a guy, maybe I’d yell! Of course ladies can’t do that ok! Hmm…NO…even if I were a guy, I wouldn’t yell also, but definitely I’d feel frustrated I was deceived by them. When I went home I opened the eye-shadow already cause nothing to do ma. Couldn’t get back my money now! Shit, I want to do research to find out if there is any law in Malaysia stating that consumer has a right to return the goods in a certain period!! Or if there is any cooling-off period!! If there is, then I will go buy some products from there again and purposely return it right after I pay!! See what they will react!! Hahaha…stupid fella!! And I’m so cunning! Sigh…but I don’t think there is any though.

But luckily the lilac eye shadow quite nice also, so I feel less angry (*smile*).

Lesson for the above, always check the goods and the price of the goods before you pay at the counter! I know, I KNOW I was not feeling alright because in normal circumstances I would just smile and leave. Second, I must also learn not to let those unnecessary persons spoil my mood. If I were not in bad mood, the half-man half woman wouldn’t even have a chance to talk to me! Or maybe I should just stay at home when I’m feeling blue.

Update (April 3, 2008 at 3pm): I called Elianto office at 92848818 and talked to Fion from Store Operation. She apologised and said she would investigate their Leisure Mall counter! Somemore she said the problem of price tag has not been placed properly has been there for quite some time! See...well, since she said she will call back or email me, I'll wait then! Hmm...I must praise her, at least she provided me a good customer service! Although I would not know whether she is cursing me on the other side or not for giving her work to do! :D)