Friday, May 30, 2008

Trip to Bukit Tinggi

For the first time, I paid a visit to Bukit Tinggi and this time around I went with Eddie only. It’s different from the Cameron Highlands trip of which I went with a bunch of crazy friends because it was only 2 of us and obviously, there would be less laughter.

But the great thing was, romance came in where we could hold hands and hug each other in public and practicing PDA (public display of affections) as if the rest of the people were transparent.

Okay, cut the crap! I’m not the romantic type of person! Hehe…let’s go back to the main topic. But oh yeah, I did enjoy my trip with my hubby, as I always do!! Hehe...

It took us an hour to reach Bukit Tinggi and we spent half day in there. As Eddie didn’t know the way to Bukit Tinggi, we seek the assistance from HTC TyTN II! What a brilliant creation with the function of GPS! (*lol*)

Then when we were about to reach Bukit Tinggi, we saw a toll!!! What a surprise to us! Because we both thought Bukit Tinggi is like Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands where no payment were required unless you want to go for the theme park!

It costs RM 16 for adults and am not sure about the cost for child or infant :P

After the toll, it led us to a car parking space where we parked our park and continued our journey by following the mini van to the top of the hill FOC. You can opt to walk also, but to me I prefer to take the van or else I’ll go pale after the walking!

Do you know that we waited for the van to go up and down for 3 times only we managed to sit on it!! That was because according to Eddie, those uncivilized aka barbarous uncles and anuties like me, cut our queue! (*fainted*)

When we reached the top, we went to the Japanese Village first!

We were welcomed with the nice landscape garden and lots of tourists were busy taking picture like me! :P

Saw some beautiful goldfishes in the pond at the garden landscape also!

Then not long later, we reached the most crowded part of the Japanese Village! where people get the chance to change into kimono/japanese costume at RM 20 each and take your own picture to record them for memory.

Eddie suggested we continued to walk forward first then later only come back and change into the japanese costume, so we went ahead with his idea though I was quite reluctant to do so initially. Guess what?! There was no turning back, it was way to far to return!

Plus, you need to climb up the hill to return! :(

So he took this picture to comfort me! So disappointed ok! Maybe he thought it's not worth the money to pay RM 20 per person (and RM 40 for 2 persons) just to wear the kimono and take picture, and he rather spend the money on food! Sigh!! But food is good especially we both LOVE TO EAT!

Then we passed by a japanese restaurant!

Saw another fish pond but larger than the previous one, built at the garden landscape outside the japanese restaurant to beautify the same! See the house with roof? That's the japanese restaurant!

The toilet is underneath the japanese restaurant and it's considered a clean toilet among the Malaysian Public Toilets and you do not need to pay to use it!!

After we passed by the japanese restaurant and went to the toilet nearby, we continued our walk and later I posed for a picture under a greenhouse! and I looked so robotic! (*Sigh*)

Actually I was trying to point at the good-looking flower and compared it with another damaged flower! Or maybe Eddie shot that picture in the wrong angle?! lol.

We saw many trees along the road following the signs and some they labeled it.

Like this one which is called at some biological term and added behind lidah-lidah, so it must be some tougue-related tree! Lol.

Damn boring the whole tour. Somehow I feel my Bukit Tinggi tour has become a flora tour! and this flora tour was sucks! The flowers not nice at all!! and there are barely flowers in the flora tours! Eddie felt he's got cheated! The above picture was a rare one! You could only see some tree trunks and green plants most of the time!

and this was me! getting bored and frustrated of my so called 'flora tour'! Hehe...joking joking!

Eddie took this continuous shots for me using my Sony Cybershot Album-T!!!

All these I took for him! 2 times more than those he took for me!! Haha, the tactic is press on the shutter button without letting it go! you know, Eddie!! Lol.

Anyway, look at his movement, so childish! Lol.

The souvenir shop.

Then, we reached to the souvenir shop but didn't buy anything because 90% of the souvenirs cost more than RM 10 each!

After the Japanese Village, we walked down from the hill to take our car and drove ourselves to the famous French Village at Bukit Tinggi! It is actually the French-themed resort located at Bukit Tinggi!

See the colours of the flags there, Blue, White and Red, the combination of colours in the flag of France!!

Better view of the whole French Village.

and then there were a gang of music players and singers singing English songs to the delight of the customers of a restaurant! As far as I know they were imitating the Italian-style! The difference is, in Italy, those street singers are mostly enthusiasts, which is different from these people who get paid from the restaurant! Not sure about the French! Hehe...

Me in front of the wishing well!!

Us in front of a fountain!

Picture taken inside the resort! European-lookalike-building is everywhere!! It feels as if you are in Europe!!! Great creation! This resort is like any other resort! There are arcade, children area, massage shop, souvenir shop and also some stalls outside selling cheap souvenirs and things you can get in any night markets in Malaysia but at a higher price!

Me at the carpark of the resort and the background was French-themed resort!

On the way home, saw this nice bangalows! Not bad! hehe...Anyway, there is nothing much to do in Bukit Tinggi also! I didn't go for the horseback riding and the rabbit park! Maybe in my next visit here, I should go there! buai-buai!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Miss Marigold Body Beautiful 2008

I managed to catch the performance of the 14 finalists of Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 in Sungei Wang Plaza on 24/5/2008 just now. It started at 8pm though it's supposed to start at 7.30pm. So my mom, Eddie and I had plenty of time for the KFC! lol.

(L-R): Contestants No. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5

Miss Marigold Body Beautiful was proudly presented by Marigold HL Milk, so again they were distributing HL milk to the audience.

The beautiful ladies first came out in the new edition HL Strawberry Milk T-shirts and jeans!

All looking gorgeous and taking turn to introduce themselves.

Since this is Miss Body Beautiful, the girl with the most curvaceous figure shall be able to take the title home!

Check out their beautiful body in the below pictures!

Contestants No. 1 to 4, dancing in sports wear to the pleasure of the crowd.

It followed by Contestants No. 5 to 8. To my surprise, I saw a familiar face taking part in this contest too. We celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and her joining making the event more excited to me! Hehe...Click Contestant No. 7 here to see her birthday celebration!

Contestants No. 9 to 13.

Contestants No.11 to 14 in closer full-length shot! Apparently, contestnat no. 14 is the thinnest girl in the pageant! I guess her waist is less than 19 inches!!! OMG

After the sports wear, all the gorgeous changed into elegant evening wear! The above was Contestants No. 1 to 8.

Contestants No. 6 to 11. Sorry for the replication. That's the best I can take already!

Contestants No. 12 to 14. Before you decide who should bag the title of Miss Body Beautiful, check out the close-up pictures I edited using Paint!

(L-R): Contestants No. 1 to 3. I love Contestant No. 1, Miss Sarawak's face, so beautiful!! Sadly her height is one of those short ones among the contestants. Maybe if she join Miss Petite, she might win!! just like Hannah Tan, who was happened to be one of the judges of this subsidiary title.

(L-R): Contestants No. 4 to 6.

(L-R): Contestants No. 7 to 9. All about 173 cm!! I believe Miss Perak, Contestant No. 7, Sunnie will make it to the top 3!! Gambate!

(L-R): Contestants No. 10 to 12. Contestant No. 10, Miss Sabah's face is also very beautiful, I guess she stands a high chance in the top 3!

(L-R): Contestants No. 13 to 14.

and the winner of Miss Marigold Body Beautiful goes to...

Contestant No. 6! Congrats!! Nice curve huh!!!

Anyway, I wish all the girls best of luck! and also hope the girls come with a good personality too! :P Hehe, I can't wait for the grand final on 30th May 2008 to pass my 1st runner-up title to the next lucky girl! So excited now though it's 4.18am already! So tired already! goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mademoiselle Nai Hsing

Mademoiselle in French is equivalent to Ms in English! If you are bored with calling me, Ms Goh, Ms Nai Hsing, call me Mademoiselle Nai Hsing! I'll love it! (*guffaw*)

The Strawberry pillow is my pressie from Hubby in Cameron Highlands!

This is my new Mademoiselle bedsheet set I bought recently @ RM 27.60, after 80% discount from Metrojaya. It's from Bedroom Dream Paradise!! I notice most of the designs from this brand are colorful, vivid it brings joy to your life when you see it/sleep on it :P

The pink bolster case is from Tempo Colors @ RM 8.25 after discount of dunno how many percent (who cares?! as long as the final price is reasonable isn't it?!). Anyway, if you want plain colour sheets, you can go for Tempo Colors though Akemi is more famous with sole-colour plain sheets. Since my bed is single-sized, I always need to shop for one set of sheet and pillowcase, and then shop for bolster case! How troublesome! Unless I buy the whole set which comes together with the duvet/comforter!

Between, I'm going to Sungei Wang later tonight for dinner as well as to have a preview of the finalists of Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 in their performance at 7pm with my mom and Eddie! (*excited*) I also can't wait for the final for MMU 2008 which is fixed on the 30th May 2008 at Gardens Hotel!! OMG! Can't believe it's more than a year already! Gosh I miss those days a lot!

Enjoy your weekends! :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

My First Fish Spa Experience @ Doc Fish

Finally I went for a fish spa recently! wanted to go for the pioneer in fish spa in Malaysia "Kenko Reflexology" at Pavilion for so long but always no chance! and now I ended up having the fish spa with Mooi Feng in "Doc Fish" at Berjaya Times Square after my work when they were doing promotion at the booth! Not bad also though this one was not that luxurious as compared to Kenko Reflexology!

What's great was I paid RM 20 only for a total 35 minutes of fish spa!! Haha...super saver!! Actually, it was written there RM 20 for 20 minutes but the promoter cum salesman agreed to give us RM 20 for 25 minutes. It was okay to us and we went ahead but since there were no customers except the 2 of us, so we continued to do for a total of 35 minutes until we're bored and paiseh only we left! lol. I said paiseh because the promoter never chased us out! haha...

The 2 of us posing for the camera! Hmm...let's talk about my experience here first!

Before you feed your leg to the fishes, they will rinse away the dirt on your leg in order to ensure that lesser dirt is being transferred inside the water where the fishes live.

Initially I didn't dare to put my legs inside the water because once your legs enter the water all the fishes will come to your legs and starting to bite it!! It's so itcy and we both couldn't help but laugh! Hahaha...the laughing was so great, especially after one whole day of stressed-out!! The water was warm too, so as to kill the bacteria, according to the promoter.

See? All the fishes went to bite at the back of your foot.

However, after a while when you get used to it, it goes natural. The fishes were attracted to the bottom of my foot more because there is more dead skin on that part!

The above is the well known doctor fishes swimming freely without any food being served to 'em! lol

and this one when we, being the fish food, were served to them!! of course by eating only our foot is not enough! We were told by the promoter that the doctor fish is like any other normal fish and they eat normal fish food too :P

Since we were sharing the same aquarium, apparently Mooi Feng's food was not as yummy as mine because lesser fish chose to eat hers! lol

Doctor fish preferred mine because mine was more tasty!! and also more dead skin (*3 lines and a bird flying over with the sound 'quack quack quack' on your face*)!

Die die also must pose for one great picture!

Towards the end of the session, Mooi Feng then shifted to another aquarium so that the doctor fish had no choice but to eat her foot! Monopoly comes in as no competitors! :P Results: Mooi Feng got more customers then! (*guffaw*)

This is the size of the whole promotion booth, we left after the couples came. That guy behind was the promoter.

Okay, according to the promoter, fish spa not only helps to get rid of dead skin and ageing cortex, it helps to enhance blood circulation. To me, fish spa is just for fun purposes because you can always use the brush to scrub away your dead skin and needless to say it's faster and more effective!

To those who may not know, fish spa is not only for the leg and foot, you can also indulge your whole body into the fish spa, just that now they don't have it in Malaysia yet.

Update (23/05/2008, 9.30pm): Some readers informed me there is fish spa for whole body in Merchant Square @ Tropicana! Cool~ Thanks :)