Saturday, June 28, 2008

Black Canyon Coffee @ Jusco Taman Maluri

Other than Starbucks, Black Canyon Coffee is definately the place that serves the BEST coffee in town! On top of that, they have delicious food as well :P brilliant!

Celine sitting on the chair, waiting for the rest to come.

Especially the one in Jusco Taman Maluri that I usually go. It's not only comfortable, spacious, the 'food and beverages' can also be described as yummilicous cheap and affordable! (*phew*) It's quiet and the music they play is soothing too! It's a restaurant that you must NOT be missed!!

The signature drink.

Their signature Black Canyon Iced Coffee is the best of the best!! Plus, it's only RM 7.95!! It's fresh and it's one of the finest that I have ever tried before! Okay I must admit that I didn't try many coffee as I'm always a TEA person, sound so old right? anyway, this is best believe me! okay (*emphasis added*)

In fact, they emphasize the beverages so much they even have a seperate menu for that. I must say all the beverages at Black Canyon Coffee taste great, including their Black Hazelnut Shake (Price: RM 8.95).

Hot lemon tea & Mocha Glacier.

The refreshing frozen Mocha Glacier costs RM 8.95! Thumbs up!

The Hot Coffee comes with a shot glass of Jasmine tea and several cute number-shaped biscuits.

The Hot Coffee at RM 5.95 is bitter to me. I tell you, the caffeine in it is very strong. A friend of mine who finished the drink told me in confidence that she has no problems in drinking coffee at night she can still sleep soundly in the night. And then later, it turned out that she couldn't sleep at all in the night and texted me complaining about that :P

The cheapest beverage in the restaurant is the Jasmine Chinese Tea at RM 2.50.

Lime Frost at RM 6.50, very sour to me though.

Okay, food part.

Fussili with seafood and chilli paste (RM 8.90). Rating: 7.5/10. Neither too dry nor too wet! (*drooling*)

Fettuccini with Chicken Green Curry at RM 8.90. I don't really like this, don't know why.

Spicy stir-fried spagetti with Chicken and Ham at RM 8.90. Taste ok to me.

My favourite lunch at Black Canyon Coffee.

This is my all time favourite!! Prawn Tom Yum Soup at RM 8.90 (Rating: 8/10) and a steamed rice at RM 1.20!! You can taste the strong santan flavour in the Tom Yum Soup. I wouldn't say it's the best! but because it's Tom Yam Soup plus white rice, I am SO loving it!!! It used to be my lunch, my own set lunch to be exact for like N times while I was working nearby there.

This is the Seafood Tom Yum Soup at RM 14.90!! I'm warning you guys you better don't order this because there are only 2 prawns in it. There are 6 prawns in the Prawn Tom Yum Soup and it costs 5 ringgit cheaper ok!! But the 2 prawns are bigger la. Anyway, be smart! For your information, the Tom Yum soup is the same.

There are cheaper set lunch and dinner here too at 2 options, those comes with a lemon tea costs RM 9.90 and those comes with the signature Tom Yum Soup and one-scoop of ice-cream costs only RM 12.95. It doesn't benefit me though because there is no combination of Tom Yum Soup and white rice. There is only Tom Yum Soup with noodles. What's the point like that, you tell me?! :P

and so this is so far the best place for Tom Yum Soup and rice for me, taking into consideration of the environment, the food, the price and the location.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rak Thai -vs- Flying Chillies @ The Gardens

Thai Food is always in my favourite list and recently I again went to try out in two Thai Restaurants in Gardens.

One being Rak Thai at Lower Ground Floor. The interior design of the restaurant is very Thai-like and you can see Thai buddha statues everywhere. Part of the dining tables and benches in this restaurant is very Thai-like too because their height are lower than the normal ones.

The magnetic table frame.

But the four of us chose to sit in Table 20, which height are standard (not the lower ones) because I was wearing mini-skirt :P

Some of the drinks we ordered. Mango smooties at RM 5.90, the CARREFOUR mineral water and soya bean at RM 2.50 each! Actually if you wanna save money you can walk to CARREFOUR which is a few steps away from this restaurant to buy their mineral water at less than one buck :P

The sweet Mango sticky rice at RM 5.90 which shared among the four of us. Rating: 7/10.

Both Yin and I ordered Pineapple Fried Rice at RM 12.90 and it tasted great! But sadly, the portion is too small, I think I can finish 2 but I didn't order another one though. Personally, I think this dish is the most popular one taking into account that there are not much choice of dishes in this restaurant.

Their tom yam chicken soup at RM 7.90 looked like clear soup. It's sour and it tastes a lil spicy. Eddie felt so unsatisfactory about it whereas I was ok with it :( But I'll give a 5.5/10, maybe I don't know how to appreciate it :P

Fried Kangkung at RM 7.90. Rating: 7/10

Green curry chicken rice tastes average too, not too spicy. Rating: 7/10.

Few days later, we were in The Gardens again and maybe Eddie wasn't too happy with his experience in Rak Thai, he again suggested to try in another Thai Restaurant and this time around we went Flying Chilles and hoping that the food is also simply thailicious, like their motto.

The cashier area.

Check out their beautiful modern interior design, nothing like a thai restaurant but yet the place is simply comfortable!

Taken inside the restaurant.

Everything painted in the elegant white. Love it loads and apparently you pay double the price than those you pay in Rak Thai.

The glass is bigger than my palm!

We ordered the huge Coconut Ice-blended at RM 15 and one mineral water at RM 4 (because FYI, they don't serve sky juice aka plain water)


White rice at RM 2.50, 50 cents more expensive than those in Rak Thai.

Because it was only the two of us, so as usual we ordered 3 steam rice (1 for me, 2 for him) and 3 dishes to go with it.

The first thing we ordered was our favourite Tom Yam Soup at RM 12.50 and luckily it didn't fail to please the both of us! I wouldn't say it tastes great but at least it didn't taste below average! Rating: 7/10.

Then, we ordered the stir-friend chicken with cashew nuts at RM 16 and it tastes great. It goes well with rice :P thumbs up. Rating: 7.5/10 (0.5 more because it goes well with rice)

The last dish was stir-fried kangkung with shrimp paste at RM 14. Rating: 7/10. Forgot to take a picture of it because I was busy eating :P

Started to eat, without waiting for the Kangkung to come.

Of course, Eddie on the other hand, was busy eating too, like he was starved for ages :P

All in all, we were both full and satisfied dining in Flying Chillies and we paid about RM 70 for two persons (after 10% discount if you have HSBC credit card). At Rak Thai, we paid RM 45 for 2 but somehow we felt lack of something and I was not full :(

So which one would you guys choose to go?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Key Ng Bargain

Key Ng boutique is on sale, up to 70%! and member like myself get additional 10% discount after sale price! Check out my best deal! Hehe...

Leather Belt (RM 69 -> RM 26.50)(necessity and comparable with those in G2000 which costs RM 99 each)

Leather Belt (RM 69 -> RM 26.55)(necessity and it's cheap)

Couple Shirt For Male (RM 139 -> RM 100.10)(Eddie wants to buy it)

Couple Shirt For Female (RM 129 -> RM 92.90)(because Eddie is buying the male version one and it's quite nice too)

Red stripe top (RM 69 -> RM 18.60) (because it's cheap)

Bareback shirt (RM 119 -> RM 32.10) (Love this most, great bargain, exclamation mark)

Working Bag For Men (RM 239 -> RM 107.55) (Not in pic because Eddie already put it in the car and ready for use :P)

Total -> RM 404.30

7 items at RM 404.30, not bad, isn't it :P

Sunday, June 15, 2008

If you remember reading my travel and vacation post at Phnom Penh, you'll remember me promising to post another exciting account of my Phnom Penh trip, which is the performance by the transgender.

Our room.

I watched the performances in the same 5-star Naga World Hotel that I stayed during the trip. Check out one of their performances in the video below!

Cool huh? Especially the body of the 'lady' in black in the middle is so perfect! Even most Malaysian girls don't have that beautiful body!!

One of the divas. There are another 2 in the background if you notice.

Okay, the reasons why I compare them with Malaysian girls is because they are actually Malaysians. Plus, they call themselves 'the Malaysian divas' :P and of course they are not as pretty as Treechada Marnyaporn. Treechada is stunningly beautiful she amazed me when I first saw her picture!

Dunno why I spotted so many 'akuas' recently, in Singapore, in Phnom Penh, everywhere! Maybe because the world is slowly accepting the existence of the transgender and also their spirit of becoming a real woman!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My First Ever Belly Dancing Performance!

In conjunction with my dance school, Denza's 1st Anniversary celebration, all of the students, including myself, get to perform what we learn in there at Cheras Leisure Mall on 7th June 2008!!

Post for a picture when our make-up was almost done!

We, the belly dancer were very excited and some, of course with no experience on stage were frighten as well!!

Me and the little ballerinas!

Apparently none of the belly dancers are affected by the increase of the sky-high petrol price, because not only we spent a freaking 300 bucks on our costume, 10 bucks for the blue stockings which we didn't use because it doesn't match with our costume and another 8 bucks for the replacement white stockings (to wear it as our top)! and my blue bra alone was another RM 35 and some of them spent RM 300 each for theirs!! Maybe we all belly dancers are very 'rich'!! Some of them even went to do manicure which costs as high as RM 120 some more as if the audience can see our beautiful nails!! (*faint*) Ironically, dancers should do what they could to make the performance great, so...oklar...justifiable :P

Haha, I always ask myself to save, SAVE for my future, and yet I spent so much I'm upset at times :(

The Jolin Tsai wannabes, performing the modern dance!

Luckily this event was a memorable one for me!! and I was happy all day long after that!! So yeah, the money spent was worth it! What a good excuse :P

The performance by the little ballerinas.

The first dance was completed by the energetic young dancers aka the Jolin Tsai wannabes :P Then it followed by some ballet by the kids, hip hops...

The hip-hopers.

Hip Hop dance was so cool! but it was an interludial dance because the last dance is always the greatest! :P

ON stage.

*ahem* the last dance was completed by us!! hooray!!

OFF stage.

Thanks Eddie for all the wonderful photographs and video!! I must say that u, Eddie makes the event even more eventful!! Especially when you say 'how the heck would the bf allow the gf to wear just a bra top to perform on stage when there are so many ham sap lou (horny guys) staring down there, and yet I allow u to do so!' (*lol*) Thanks for the supports anyway!

Us and our belly dancing instructor cum choreographer, the sexy Mei Ling.

Luckily I remembered to take a picture of both of us!! You know I always tend to forget to take picture with the most important person :P

Eddie and I.

There must be a picture of only me, myself, especially I was my own make-up artiste cum hair stylist on the day itself for the first time.

and of course I will not miss out the best part of the post!! Special thanks to Mr. Eddie Chong for the dedication of the video. Enjoy yourself...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Miss Malaysia Universe 2008

Actually my blog is more like a personal blog where I wrote down my feelings, my life, my vacations and some interesting stuff that I discover so that when I'm old like the age of my grandma now, I can still surf the net to take a look back of my life journey & experience! And because of my involvement in the Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 and I somehow blog about it, my traffic then increases dramatically!! My readers also change from the 75% dude 25% babe to 25% dude 75% babe! (Now you know girls are crazy about pageant! :P)

The hot leading make-up artiste of MMU 2008, Eve and her hot mama! :P

and recently I went to the grand final of the Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 which took place at the Grand Ballroom of the Gardens Hotel & Residences.

The assistant make-up artiste who did the base of my facial make-up.

Before the event started, we did our make-up.

The colourful traditional costumes.

and I spotted the finalists' dazzling traditional costumes! I must say I prefer theirs to ours in year 2007 :P It's from Mazlan Juju!


Then we headed for a hair-do and thereafter changed into our evening gown!

At the backstage (L-R): Karen (Miss Malaysia Universe 2002) and 3 of us.

Sue Ann and I was allocated to table 20 which is in the middle of the entire ballroom and it costed RM 10, 000 for a table. That also means it costed RM 1, 000 per pax! Woohoo~ don't think I afford to pay it myself unless it's sponsored! :P

The dessert, forgot to take the pictures of other food because my attention was distracted away by the show :P

The dinner was started at 8.15pm and we were served a four-course-meal which included a starter (salad), dumpling soup, main course (chicken) and a crispy dessert!

The invitition ticket in white on the top of the souvenir magazine in black which features the 14 finalists.

Shortly after we were served the salads, the finalists finally appeared on stage in their traditional costumes which included the Malay Baju Kebaya, Chinese Cheongsam, Indian Sari, Iban costume and etc, and which also well symbolised the multi-racial country of Malaysia!

They were divided in two groups. On the left, there were odd number of finalists.

On the right, there were even number of finalists.

Constestant No. 7, Sunnie Ng in the middle, doing the catwalk.

Since photography & video-taping of the event were not allowed as the licensee, Beyond Entity Sdn Bhd has the exclusive rights of it, I didn't take much pictures at that night! :(

Only 6 out of the total 14 finalists won the entire 15 subsidiary titles, and 5 of the 6 were also the top 5 winners.

Some of the sub-titles winners (L-R: Priscilla, Wincci and Angelreena).

Well it doesn't mean that the other 8 are not beautiful enough to win the titles, maybe they were not as lucky as the rest who won it?! :p

The sub-title winners and the top 3 titleholders (L-R: Levy, Jean and Valerie).

the Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 goes to the sexy Levy Li! I must say she has a beautiful body and her smile is charming! Everyone wouldn't mind to take her as his gf, I guess! (*guffaw*)

The first runner-up was grabbed by the tallest and thinnest finalist of that night, Jean Thor. I pray that I didn't look short and fat standing beside her during the crowning! :P

The second runner-up, Valerie has the prettiest face and personally I think she is young boys' killer! During her Q&A, she answered that she wouldn't give up her title for one billion ringgit because the title is too prestige you can gain more keeping it! To me, I would give up the title if I could save the lives of Sichuan people! :P


Anyway, we all 3 past-winners also managed to take some pictures of ourselves...

Three quarter.

Yes, we all know that we are fatter! :P


Check out the 2008 winners' crowns and those on ours!

See the difference?!

Ours were real diamonds which cost more than a million each and theirs were costume jewelleries! Okay, that was because the sponsors and the organiser changes! But then again, it's pointless because the million ringgit crown doesn't belong to us! (Yes, if it belongs to me,I would give it up too if only I could save the lives of Sichuan people) :P

Anyway, it's still better to win this year because the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-ups took away the cash prizes of RM 25K, RM 15K and RM 10K respectively and the rest of the finalists could also keep RM 2K each as consolation prize! On top of that all of them have also experienced cruising in the Star Cruise ship!! How nice! Interesting huh?! Join next year :P

My self-portrait.

Me, at home, before removing my heavy make-up and washing my hair!