Monday, September 29, 2008

Second Anniversary @ Alexis, Gardens & Plus One Shabu Shabu, One Utama

It was supposedly a happy day on the 17th September 2008 because it was our 2nd anniversary!!

I really can't believe we are together for more than 2 years now, time really flies and people do change due to more expoure to the real world. It wasn't all bad though, because people improve for wanting a better lifestyle. Just pray that you won't look haggard and old 10 years later. The best skin care products couldn't help much though!! Anxiety and sleeplessness kill! So, at times being a homemaker who cooks and stays in the house waiting for her man to come home isn't a bad idea though! (*laughs*)

My surprise 1st Anniversary flower from Eddie!!

Okay let's don't go out of the main topic first. You know I was all excited the night before the anniversary, thinking what to wear, looking forward to this day. Perhaps a romantic candle light dinner at a fine dining restaurant. So the day started with Eddie sending me to office as it was his day off on this Selangor Public Holiday (*What a coincident*). We had breakfast at Uncle Lim at Berjaya Times Square and I wore my newly bought Singapore designer Daniel Yam's cocktail lacy balloon dress in elegant purple with a cardigan to cover it up so that I won't look weird in the office :P

Everything was fine until I was off work. We argued because of misunderstanding. At the end we went to Alexis, Gardens for dinner instead of those fine-dining restaurants at Jalan Ampang that has been planned if it's not due to time constraint and traffic congestion (*upset*). What a disappointment :(

Check out the pictures I'd taken during the dinner. Though I was mad but luckily the food relieved my anger (*laughs*)!!

A glass of orange juice (RM 11.50) and a glass of margarita (RM 24) in substitution of red wine because we either couldn't find or had no idea of which red wine tastes sweet!! (*lol*) Bearing in mind we had consulted Eddie's brother Bobby Chong who is currently studying the culinary arts in Taylor's College. Well, at least the margarita tasted good to me because they added strong lime juice in it and the tequila tasted light! was happy with my drinks!! (*lol*)

Eddie's nasi lemak at RM 25! haha...out of so many food, nasi lemak still the best man!! Asian food rocks!!! our favourite!! Of course Madam Kwan's nasi lemak is still the BEST and what's more?? It's cheaper too!! Rating: 7/10.

My Spagetti Seafood Parcel at RM 38!! I guess they use the paper to wrap on the spagetti before they bake it!! It was miracurously delicious!!

Take a closer look, there were tiger prawns (my fav), calamari, mussels and parsley to taste!! A little spicy!! OMG I'm drooling now!! Feel like eating it again! The portion is just right. Rating: 7.5/10

Our chocolate berry cake at RM 13! It is actually cream with some soft bread that seperates them in few layers! I would say the 'bread' cake tasted good, and yet I ain't a bread person!

and so that's the end of the day because I was so reluctant to go for a movie with Eddie after dinner!! was moody after the fight! (*sob sob*) so disappointed I think it would be the regrets for both of us. RM 130 dinner couldn't buy us happiness also :( though I enjoyed myself A LOT while eating the food!! So deliciuos!! Thinking of it now making me happy also!! haha (*drooling again*)

~The End~

I mean the end of the anniversary day!! Surprise came a few days later from hubby!

Was excited when I found my surprise gift, a light brown chiffon knee-length dress from EVE boutique (one of my favourite boutiques) which was hidden in my bags container!! So excited!!! From my favourite boutique some more!!! so happy!! Thanks hubby, thank you very much!! Love you always!! Muackss!!! :P


Me in my new dress!!

Was having dinner at Plus One Shabu Shabu at One Utama in our re-celebration of second anniversary since the one on the actual day didn't end up happily :P

I know our re-celebration was a lil funny, because instead of have it in western restaurant, we took steamboat. Well, Eddie had the ultimate say because he organised the re-celebration, so must appreciate lar.

In fact we ordered a feast!! Pork Loin Set at RM 28, Mutton Set at RM 28, one crab at RM 1 (if you order RM 50 and above)!! The food was good!! Better than the normal shabu shabu train in Berjaya Times Square because this one is the PLUS ONE shabu shabu! :P The higher class one (*chuckle*)

We ordered TWO jugs of 1.4 litres herb tea each (RM 8 per jug)!! We finished it all on top of the feast above!! We are POWERFUL!!

Love this herb tea which consists of carrots, sugarcane and water chestnuts (aka horse's hooves, my favourite but I lazy to cut the skin normally)!!

Eddie, eating like a King!

Couple Pic :P (*cheese*) Ahem, I received my anniversary pressie, a bracelet from Tomei I chose on my own but he paid, earlier than the actual date too (mainly because I couldn't wait haha)!! Eddie, on the other hand also received two ties and one working shirt from G2000 (bought for him because he needed it lol, no basketball pants for him also...sorry I'm very broke wait till I become DIE-LECT-TOR first lar :P)

Goodnight folks!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sprinter Award from HLA

See what I'd got?!!

If you think I'm so good in sales, you are definately wrong!! Have you ever heard of sleeping director?? I'm that sort of sleeping one minus the director! Well, consider me a lucky one, hope my luck lasts immortal (*chuckle*)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Official Launching for Sakura Veil

This is the range of Sakura Veil Skin Care products!! Love the fragrance!! It's soothing, calming & relaxing!! Get them from Shins!

This was me in the dark blue satin gown during the official launch of the above products in Klang!

Full-length! Love the dress a lot!! Simple & elegant :P

See you again!! Very busy nowadays (*sob sob*)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bee Yin's Graduation Ceremony @ Sunway Resort Hotel

Congrats my dear Bee Yin!! Finally a degree holder (*whistle-blowing*), with HD (High Distinction) in Monash University some more :P Don't play play ler!

All the best in future undertaking, my dear Bachelor of Nursing holder! Continue to spread your love towards those who needed it the most :P

So now when is my turn again :(

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tracy's Birthday Celebration @ Alexis, Bangsar

It was Tracy's pre-birthday celebration and she insisted to have it in Alexis no matter where it was! So, we went to Bangsar Shopping Complex but unfortunately it was closed for renovation!! We then hopped to Tracy's Hyundei Accent, who came later than us to get to another Alexis branch at Bangsar Telawi Street. Alexis had the magical charm!

Pretty Tracy dear and her pressie from the girls.

Ok, people let's take a look of what we ordered!! as it was after all the charm of Alexis that attracted Tracy then us to here.

The appetizer was Sauteed button mushroom at RM 15!!! It used to be Yeen Pei and my favourite dish in Halifax Hall of Residence! Very delicious!!!! It was written in the menu that the dish fell under Tapas, which means appetizer in spanish cuisine. So the above could be a spanish starter if I'm not wrong :P

Tracy's wagyu beef cheeks at RM 48! The beef was braised with red wine and it was super tender and delicious!! Thumbs up!! Rating: 9/10!! It came with mash potatoes and gremolata. I must warn you that the portion for the beef is very small! :P

Joanne's Chicken Escalope (fillet in French) at RM 35 with roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula (aka rocket, a type of vege). Not bad too.

My Asian food, Nasi Istimewa Alexis at RM 25, with a pyramid kaffir lime and garlic rice, toasted kampung fish, beef rendang, fish crackers, baby brinjals aka eggplant and some vege that tasted weird to me. The dish was huge, totally contrast to Tracy's one. Rating: 7/10.

Yeen Pei's tagliatelle with duck at RM 32. See the duck meat above?? Not bad also, quite fresh, just that I don't like tagliatelle that much as it's too thick for me! too much flour to me :P

Our tiramisu with big chopped nuts and strawberry sauce. Very different from those we normally see. Very yummy though the strawberry sauce looked a bit like tomato sauce!

Tracy and Yeen Pei.

Joanne and I. Forgot to take a picture of four of the ex-housemates :(

Okay that's it. Celebration ended when we finished the piece of cake and went home thereafter.

Joking. Later when Tracy sees it, she'll say I'm cold-hearted. So, I decided to write a bit about her.

Tracy is pretty but not too tall, easygoing but sarcastic at times, sincere but not innocent, smart but not in personal financial management (neither do I), self-controlled but easily being hooked by visualised marketing techniques, independent but still need to be taken care of by someone special, loves to be pampered like any other girls, loves to dress up, loves to shop, eat and have fun. SEXY and FABULLOUS in short (*lol*)

Whatever it is, Happy (belated) Birthday again. Wish you all the best my dear!! To Perth as well :P Love you!! Friendship Forever!! *Kisses and Hugs*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Welcome to Spanish delicacies this time around!

Elcerdo at Changkat Bukit Bintang!! They specialise in serving variety of pork and porkielicious dishes! Of course they serve chicken, lamb and etc if you are not part of the porkielicious gang :P

They promote 'nose to tail eating' some more! That means piggies can be eaten from their noses to their tails! I know! So cruel and yet I'm eating them!! Evil me!!

Before I even entered this restaurant, I knew that I'll be broke after coming out from there! Because all the cars parked outside was either Mercedes or Benz :( Sobs sobs and we paid RM 10 for the car jockey to drive our mini Viva peroduo away! (*lol*)

The piggie smile instead of Mona Lisa Smile will welcome you into the restaurant! I think if Leonardo Da Vinci is still alive, he is so gonna kill the owner of the restaurant, which is Werner, the German, if I'm not mistaken! haha, I laugh man I tell you it was so cute!!!

It was a joyful Friday night and the restaurant was full of laughters and the guests were all so delighted! It was so LOUD and WOW, one word, AMAZING! I didn't expect it to cheer me up but it did miraculously! Unbelievable!!

Eh?? Maybe because they use the Lucky Fortune Piggie instead of the traditional Lucky Fortune Cat if you notice (from the above picture!)

Everything in this restaurant was associated with piggie!! The paintings, the pictures or the decorations!

Piggie is so cute they spread it everywhere in this restaurant!

I also realise a lot of people celebrating birthday in this restaurant, just like what you can see in TGI Friday!! Another similarity is that all the staff will surround the birthday boy/girl while singing him/her the birthday song. Except the language they use is different. I didn't know what language they use in the birthday song in here! It could be German or Spanish? I guess.

That was Colee's handbag, not mine :P

This was also the first time when I was provided a mini bench to leave my handbag on!

The table setting and the red disposable serviette!

We were served the soup of the day (forgot what soup was that, but certainly neither chicken nor mushroom soup :P) and some french bread as our starters.

We also ordered a plate of 4-piece-sausage at RM 24.50. One sausage costed more than RM 6!!

A plate of Ceasar's Salad at RM 26. I still prefer the one in Daintihill! :P

The glass of water and the sauce.

Since it's famous with pork, we had also ordered the spare ribs that made in Spanish recipe. They call it Iberino Ribs.

There were 6 pieces in one plate. There were not much meat, but all bone :( Though it's finger-licking good (Not promoting KFC :P), but after I'd taken one piece I felt like I had eaten nothing! The dish was so expensive!! It costed RM 68 (excluding 15% charges)!! Super expensive! Maybe I didn't know how to appreciate!! as I'm not a rich person :P You know rich people love to pay extraordinary high price to eat extremely little portion of food!

That's a lemon water for washing hand after eating the spare ribs with hand!

Well, frankly speaking I would give a 7/10. It was quite chewy though!

Another dish we ordered came together with a plate of bottomless Ceasar's Salad, but of course this one was with more leaves compared with the one above! (*Chuckles*) I said bottomless, because our server was so attentive, kept on asking us whether we want a refill, of course, at no extra costs :P

and a plate of deep fried potatoes. Bottomless as well!! Not bad also :P

The spanish dish was roasted 1/2 piglet which was imported all the way from Denmark!!! So cruel right??!! and yet I ate it!! It costed us RM 118. It was worth it!! Incredibly delicious!! but with FAT meat instead of lean meat (I hardly take FAT meat!!). I love the crispy skin, especially those on the face!! So tasty (and so cruel, I know!!)!! For your information, the pork could be eaten from the nose to tail, as instructed everywhere in the restaurant (signboards, mirrors and etc.)

Have I mentioned that there was at least one dish of this at almost every table!! It's a MUST! If you go Elcerdo without taking this dish, is like you go Paris without going to Eiffle Towel :P

The quite good-looking German server!

The German guy whose uncle is Werner, the owner of this restaurant came to us and taught us to cut the piglet with a plate (because it was very crispy and could be easily chopped)!! I instantly volunteered myself!! (*paiseh*) Sorry girls, forgot to ask for permission because I was too excited :P

He explained to us that before you cut the piglet, you could make a wish. Once listened, I made a wish that was related to both relationship and wealth. Then he continued, saying that I could only make a wish of either relationship or wealth!! (*fainted and lying down on the floor*) I only realised that I was greedy :P

The humorous and kay poh (busybody) German guy took several guess until I nodded! Haha it's a secret (*wink wink*)

After you had made a wish, and followed by cutting the piglet, you need to break the plate to throw away the bad luck! which I did and throwed it in a container that was made of stone that could easily break the glass!

Then went to toilet, saw this cartoon piggie! So cute! OMG!

Bathing ones some more!

After the meal, they gave us a shot glass of alcohol for digestion! FOC! (*Yeah*) and asked us to submit the answer for the MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) in order to win a discount for the next dining!

Then towards the end, I was so tempted to order their dessert but the rest of the girls didn't want to order because they wanted Haagen-Dazs, so at last I ordered my own!!

The sweet and sour Werner's Special with red Strawberry Ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream hidden underneath and chopped nuts on top. Thumbs Up!! Price: RM 22.50 excluding tax, RM 25.90 including tax. Pricey though!

Overall, it's a pricey restaurant and my RM 100 was gone in one meal (*Sob sob*) Imagine if I order red wine, like those wealthy people there, don't know how much would it cost! Well, I will still come here though as I was all delighted the whole night! For no reasons after the meal!! I L-O-V-E love the atmosphere there!

43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21450511