Thursday, November 27, 2008

Carven Ong Fashion Show

First of all, I would like to congrat Feian to have finally graduated from Carven Academy!! (*drumroll*) Woohoo, you go girl, put your best efforts in bringing Malaysian fashion to internationally-recognised level! Make Malaysia proud, you fashion designer!! :P

Secondly thanks girl for inviting me to attend Carven Academy Graduation and Carven Ong Couture Fashion Show, one of the fashion shows in Malaysia International Fashion Alliance aka MIFA.

The host for the fashion show was Owen Yap Khiam Hong, bald but handsome to me!! haha...34 right??! still very cute!!

The above was Feian's masterpieces!

I would say the gowns are simple but elegant! and the design on the one-sided shouder strap really stand-out!

The man's suit is wow it looks like a designer suit! Congrats again girl! Bravo!

The above that was created by another young designer, amazed me a lot too.

But most importantly it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's ruffled dress from Versace Couture :P

That was another young designer and her 3 pieces of creation! Not bad huh?!

Another ones. It looks to me that the gowns are suitable for bigger boobs female!! and the suit is definately for attention seeker who wants to steal the limelight!! (*lol*)

It then followed by some various designs including funky, futuristic, classy, tarzan-like designs by Carven Academy Intermediate students.

They then announced the lucky winner who walked away with RM 35,000 scholarship in Carven Academy.

and that one is from Carven Ong Couture Aloha range! ~Phew~killing!! Maybe I can wear that for my wedding gown! (*lol*) Joking!! See-through one ok!

The rest of the designs from Aloha. Beautiful aren't they?!

and Carven Ong in the middle.

I have a gown from Carven Sense too!! The pink one! Nice huh?! If I'm not financially-challenged, I will definately support Malaysian designer always! I mean buying more heavenly-made designer gowns! :P Anyway, Malaysia Boleh!! All the best to MIFA too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hubby's Birthday Celebration Weekly Diary

We took a different approach this year in celebrating hubby's birthday. We applied leaves to go for a three days two nights trip in Genting and Hot Springs at Sungkai, Perak.

On 12 November 2008, we departed from Taming Jaya, Balakong.

Off we go!

After all the waiting and finally check-in, it was dinner time already and We had it at Causeway Bay, Genting before we went for 'Quantum of Solace'.

On 13 November 2008, yeah it's hubby's Big Day!! ~Happy Birthday once more~ So right after the second hand pointed at 12 indicating that it's 13 November 2008, I then passed a shirt to Eddie which he failed to fit in!! What a disappointment for both of us :( So that's it so unhappy :(

Lunch time at the only restaurant in the resort at Hot Springs.

Then in the morning, we escaped from the cold Genting to the 'boiling' Hot Springs at Sungkai and we stayed in Hot Springs Felda Residence. The whole resort was not bad and we were satisfied. But... it was isolated (far from the city) and there was only one restaurant available in the resort so I couldn't find any cake to buy!!! Actually, they didn't even sell ice-cream because the ice-cream was all melted and re-frozen!! ~Bad~Bad~ Actually it couldn't be blamed because the resort was not officially launched yet during that time! lol...So I'm glad that Eddie actually brought me here before everybody does! (*grins*) Oops...not like it's my birthday :P Thanks hubby! Muackz Muackz!

Anyway, so sorry for not getting you a cake, Eddie dear :( But what's more important than having a lunch plus dinner together with your loved one for the whole day isn't it?! (*lol*)

Inside one of the hot springs.

On 14 November 2008, on our way back home...actually no we didn't go back straight. In fact, we went to MV for lunch and followed by a movie of 'I like to move it move it'...

Time to go home.

Then I bought a limited edition James Bond Swatch of which the watch itself to me is quite similar to the yin and ying symbols of the taoism...Don't know why he likes it so much!! Maybe he wanna be a taoist like myself (*lol*) So then I was all broke, spent almost half of my monthly salary for the whole trip. So Eddie dear, don't blame me for contributing less in our "matrimonial home" ok! (*cunning smilez*)

Silly Eddie and I at Little Penang Cafe, Mid Valley.

On 18 November 2008, which is also hubby's birthday according to lunar calendar, two of us plus another two of my Uni friends, Adrian and Wai Foong were celebrating hubby's birthday again in Starbucks, Taipan and this time I finally bought 2 cakes!! (*BRAVO*) ok FINE, actually 2 pieces of cakes (still better than nothing right?!) for hubby!! One was marble cheesecake and another one was blueberry cheesecake, so yummy!! But the four of us also didn't finish all! How ironic! Haha...both of us were so exhausted and yet really happy in that night!

Burfday cakes!

And so, this is my weekly diary for hubby's birthday celebration. Eddie dear, haven't you noticed that we were actually celebrating your birthday for a week?! from 12 November till 18 November 2008?!! Hmm...actually not a week!! I remember the framed photos which were also meant as part of the present! Woohoo...lucky you! so many present!!

Well, those were the warm memories. We now need to work hard (like an ant or like a cow, if that makes more sense to you, haha...joking) and earn more to settle our credit card bills!! OMG headache!! At the meantime, I also need to eat bread since then, worse still, using credit card to pay the bread, like the Americans. (*sobsob*) That was a JOKE. Well, maybe the both of us are of the same category. We both prefer better quality things unconciously?! Aren't we?! (*lol*) It's like a must to exchange expensive gifts during important dates to us, which is actually not necessary. But then again it's acceptable if your capability of earning is as good as your spending of the same...

bearing in mind of recession! ok?! and oh ya, minus the stress along the way!

P/S: I'm looking forward to christmas now...I'm dreaming of a white christmas, just like the one I used to know (*music in the air*)...I'm thinking of some inspirational stuff to reward myself!! Those that could help me look more energetic, making me happier and less fatigue (*perfume spray spray~deep breath-in*) Woohoo~ instantly feeling sexy and fabulous!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Elephant @ Section 17, PJ

Welcome to My Elephant @ PJ section 17.

It was a saturday night, although we reserved a table, we were still required to wait! Cos the big table were fully taken. I must warn you guys that it's not easy to find the restaurant although it's just right opposite of a school. The signboard of the restaurant could hardly be seen in the dark because they never use any lightings on it. Can only see it with your car lights on (*faintz*) But then again the front view of the restaurant is quite outstanding. It's surrounded by windows instead of walls.

Although it's a Thai restaurant which serve our favourite tom yam, but the restaurant is fairly modern, not so much of Thai-style.

We ordered rice for sure and they served the mixed white and brown rice. It costs RM 2.50 per pax. Fairly priced.

The tom yum seafood at RM 25. Very spicy but quite delicious. People who can't take spicy food must tell the waitor to make it less spicy!

Kailan at RM 10. Tastes average and doesn't go well with rice. Rating: 6/10.

Fish cake tastes heavenly!! A must to order. RM 8 for 5 pieces per dish. Rating: 8/10.

Jungle vegatables, Paku tastes wonderful too! (Rate: 7.5/10) People, please be aware that too much of Paku is bad for health! Also, they don't serve the same jungle vegatables everyday. So Paku lover, do take note! Price: RM 12, quite expensive. Anyway, Chinese will still pay for it as long as it tastes good!

Green curry chicken at RM 20 tastes normal. Rating: 7/10.

The Plah Nung Manow (no idea what fish it that also) at RM 39. The fish was cooked with chilli padi, lime and garlic. Tastes average too. Rating: 7/10.

The omelette fried with fish otak-otak at RM 12, two thumbs up! Rating: 8/10.

The squid is fresh, but the dish doesn't taste so great to me! Maybe I don't know how to appreciate. Price: 18, Rating: 7/10.

Fried chicken at RM 14. Doesn't test the cooking skills much as it's deep fried. Quite cripsy! Rating: 7.5/10.

My Pandan cooler at RM 3 and Eddie's mango lychee at RM 6.50. Both tastes good!! Bear in mind do not order the lychee jasmine in red (price too at RM 6.50) because it tasted weird, as told by a friend who ordered it. Anyway, you will still order water too because I guess they cook with too much ajinamoto (*lol*). It costs only RM 0.50 per pax and it's bottomless.

Overall, the restaurant is worth paying a visit. We spent about RM 35 per person for the dinner, so I wouldn't say cheap but I would say it's reasonable :) We were all very full after the dinner and it fulfilled my satisfaction too. I feel so great!! *Phew*

Snapshot time.

The bald Eddie and I!

The cutie pie couple.

The new couple.

The good friends.

The guys with the same birth date.

It's actually a gathering among Eddie's secondary school friends. It's fun though (*Yeah*).

Anyway, take out your pencil and paper or whatever high tech gadgets and take down the address.

Block C-G4, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Persons:
Patrick @ 012-3285028
James @ 019-3608911
Soong @ 016-3795759
Kom @ 016-3459298

or visit their official website at

Buy LV During Economic Crisis

I must admit that the mindset of the young generation nowadays has been deteriorated. Well if it's not all, I would say approximately half of young generation. My definition of young generation here would mean most of the fresh graduates who are currently employed with less than 3 working years. Why do I define so?? Because I'm surrounded by friends of that stage currently.

Now coming back to the main topic, with the current global enocomic crisis, many have said cash is king now. Save this year and invest in property next year when the property prices go down. Having known the principle so well and yet I still want to own a Louis Vuitton leather bag so badly. How mad am I??! (*OMG*) Actually there is a reason behind.

Almost all of my friends have it, ok not all, half of it yes!! Peer pressure!! So my will of having one is justifiable!(*lol*) Everyone is spending like crazy!! Buy luxurious stuff, splurge so much on unnecessary goods (which most of them deem as necessities!!) When I come to think again, even my superior doesn't own a LV (*Maybe they are mature*)!! Neither do I come from a rich family!! So why am I suppose to get one?! So, I constantly remind myself that I must be rational especially during the global recession now.

Another fact is I'm surrounded by a person who keeps on reminding me of importance of financial planning in long term. That's the reason I never really buy any LV bag which costs unreasonably thus far!! (*How pathetic*) I keep on reminding myself the successful persons that start from zero are those from the group that save 40% of their income after the deduction of their commitment and living expenses. I'm sure that 9 out of 10 don't save that much!! including myself which makes me an ordinary person! Please don't think I'm so expert. I was told by Eddie of all these. Who told Eddie then?! Donald Trump. Donald Trump can never be wrong.

But then again, the evil side of me, Mr. Devil in red, holding a sword with three sharp ends, keeps on harassing me that life is only complete when you own at least a LV bag. Then you can die peacefully with no regrets. Brilliant quote man! Fantastic!! Life is only complete when you have LV! Was told by my friend. (*lol*) For a person with no commitment, buying just one is acceptable la. Why wait!? Buy when you can afford (and suffer when you are old and have retired unless you die earlier relatively). (*laughs*)

Added to the above brilliant quote, the so-called brilliant quote, I will only buy a LV with the design that I really like and also big enough for me to dump everything I like inside. So I saw this which match my desire so much!! Speedy 30 (because it's so spacious!!!) from Epi Leather!!! in serene purple!!


I will not compromise on a normal monogram!! Normal monogram is a fashion No-No to me. No offence, ppl would kill me by reading this! lol...I emphasize again...Fashion No-No TO ME!! okay?!

and Fabulous!

K. Recession right?? Challenge for myself. I'll buy it when I pass my CLP. Results will be out next year September, which is also a good time to buy house. Maybe that time you'll see me purchasing a house, instead of a LV with depreciating value :P

Hope to see you again my darling Speedy 30 from Epi Leather in purple!! Anyway, do pray for me to pass CLP in order to take you home with me!

Sunday, November 09, 2008



记得在中学中华的日子,一位外号叫‘lala’ 的老师常常以一种超自信的语气来形容我们这群就读隆中华的子弟子女们,说我们应感骄傲能够在这校训为礼义廉耻的学校上课。其实回想起来她真是一位很尽责的老师,当然也要感谢我们的母校培育出来一群数学比一般马来西亚学生超强的莘莘学子。哈哈,值得光荣值得光荣!


也还记得中学时候,情豆初开,再加上害羞的性格,难免也有暗念的男生。想起来真的太可笑了!太幼稚了!(*大笑*)最幼稚的是我很自信的安尉一位也在暗念一位男生的女生说:“别怕,妳一定会和他再一起的!”, 我竟还想办法撮合他们俩呢!现在这女生和我都各自有伴,当年的天真无邪也还蛮可爱的!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How to Achieve A Goal

Ever thought that to what extent would you go to actually achieve a goal?

Sometimes I thought that I've tried so hard, put all the efforts to get one thing done but in the end I wonder why it didn't turn out the way I want it to be.

And when I turn back to trace back everything that I thought I've done well only to realise that I didn't try hard enough :(

Instead I dreamt about achieving it (*lol*) or dreamt about where would I be if I've achieved it. Oh, another probability is that I was actually relaxing and enjoying the moment of the 'achievement'!

So now my short term goal is to graduate for the second time!!

and this time around I plan to see more pictures of my friends' graduation ceremony to motivate myself to pass my exams!! All those pictures was 'stolen' from my friends' facebook without their knowledge. So girls, don't be surprise if you see your pictures in there! You must be glad that the pictures you uploaded could actually assist to motivate me in achieving my goal!!

Chubby face more than 3 years back!

OK, maybe this is a wrong method to achieve my goal, I should be studying instead of blogging here :(