Monday, April 27, 2009

Hong Kong, a shopping paradise!

Hong Kong is indeed a shopping paradise!!

Shopping OMG!! at Citigate Outlets, Tung Chung.

LOUIS VUITTON at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Eddie in front of FENDI at The Landmark, Central.

Tracy at CHANEL, The Peninsula, Hong Kong (It's a high-end hotel) at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Me at COACH, D'aguilar Street (next to Lan Kwai Fong), Central.

(Phew, wiping out sweat) LV, Gucci, Prada is my LOVE, but I'm neither Karpal Singh, Amber Chia nor Kenny Sia, therefore I can only afford GIORDANO (>_<)

Yeah, pressies!!

Giordano's Cheer You Up series in a cup of instant noodles with sexy lips!! Giordano is better than nothing :P

For Her, myself!! My Giordano's Cheer You Up T-shirt, two pieces of working attire from G2000, a polo ralph lauren T-shirt, my first ever Coach in Bonnie, my elegant earrings hanger from Ladies' Street (half the price of those in Mid Valley!!) and my shot glasses from both HK and Macau to add it into my Shot Glass collection! Woohoo...I guess I'm gonna eat Gardenia bread from thereon...sob sob :P

Of course I bought wife cake too!! for my grandma and everyone!! bought the salty husband cake also and all type of cookies from both Macau and HK!! Now I wonder how I managed to carry all of these back home!! and fortunately I wasn't taxed for that!! (*lol*) God bless!

After all the talking, let me introduce something to you people out there!! G2000 is a must to buy in Hong Kong!! Not anywhere in Hong Kong but there's a place I know. See the above picture?! Long2 Cheung2 Zhong4 Sam4 (in cantonese)!! It's next to Wong Tai Sin MTR Station!! You pay only half the price than those you pay in Malaysia. Of course all items are from last season and there is less variety :P To me, it's still a good bargain!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sure Win Customer

While KFC is called 肯德鸡 (Ken2 De2 Ji1)...

Baleno, the brand that paid a skyhigh price to invite HK top celebrities Andy Lau and Faye Wong to bring them famous, is called 白马时装 (Bai2 Ma2 Shi1 Zhuang1)

Why on earth would a pizza hut called 必胜客 (Bi4 Sheng4 Ke4)!! It doesn't sound the same also!! Direct translation from that chinese name is 'sure win customer'!! I guess losers in whatever things should visit that more often to bring back confidence! :P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Human make mistakes

People make mistakes, students make mistakes, employees make mistakes...

What if a person makes the same mistake TWICE!! Is that person absent-minded, stubborn or retarded?! or simply ignorant?!

How can a person repeat the same mistake?!! Is it because you think the mistake is so minor so small you ignore it don't even want to bother about it?? Even that it is still a mistake, right?! So DO NOT repeat it!! Heh, room for you to improve ok!!

Anyway, please do not repeat the same mistake THRICE!!

What say you?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hong Kong Char Chan Teng

Hong Kong Char Chan Teng is equivalent to Malaysia Coffee Shop!! I guess most of us have visited one of the most famous retail restaurant Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Malaysia right!!? Yeah, something similar but with better food and minus those funky drinks!! Yuen Yang remains the most traditional drinks!

A set of breakfast that comes with one drink, one sandwich and one instant noodle with meat costs about HKD 40 (RM 20). This is one type of typical Hong Kong style breakie!! Of course, I would say Hong Kong dim sum remains on top of the list for morning breakfast!

Me in the Char Chan Teng, check out the interior design behind!! Environment better than the coffee shop in my homeland leh~~

Saw this police van outside the Hong Kong style restaurant for the first time!!!! The one that I always used to see in those TVB drama series!!

I know I looked fat in the picture but that's the only picture I have in front of the Salon which I got my hair done!

Oh ya...did you notice I change my hair style?! Some people said I highlighted my hair, some said I cut it...but the fact was I straightened it and no one could tell (*fainted*) Anyway, I did it at Shen Zhen near the Luohu train was relatively cheap as compared to Malaysia!! RM 90 only plus treatment!!! Folks, go Shen Zhen and do your hair!! Wondering whether the Hong Kong people always go Shen Zhen to do their hair or not!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Caring Notice In Shen Zhen

Wow...notices in Shen Zhen are caring in nature!! Ours in Malaysia are only notices without 温馨 (Caring, warmhearted). This is special (*laughs*)

Saw this in the restaurant.

Another one in another restaurant in Shen Zhen.

and this one in the bus. Hmm...or maybe caring notices are available not only in Shen Zhen but also available everywhere in China?! Well, yet to find out :P