Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wedding Exhibition

I passed by Mid Valley Wedding Exhibition during shopping with hubby on 25th July 2010 and out of curiousity (like I always have) on how the wonderful bridal gowns would look like and how beautiful the wedding photography could be, I stepped in the exhibition.

On my visit to the first booth in Vivi Bridal (from Taipei), they successfully signed me up a for wedding package...just because I appeared indecisive and also because Eddie took out his credit card and wanted to pay!!...just like that...sales personnels from wedding shops are just so good!!

Wasn't too happy with the deal though after compared with my friends' ones but after all I do hope the pictures look great! (*finger-crossed*) Let's hope Taiwanese photographer are more professional and Taipei scenery is better than Malaysia!!! hahaha

and then...luckily I won something on the lucky draw organised by the Organiser of this exhibition!! (*peace*)

The prize value is worth RM 3597 in total!!

Not so bad after all (and I was so happy the whole night after I signed up for the package). That included the above so called 'diamond necklace' sponsored by the same bridal shop I signed up for!! A very nice piece of costume jewellery (they priced it at RM fake!) of which I intend to give it to my cousin sister!! Guess she would be happier receiving this than myself considering I'm no longer a teenage :P