Monday, October 04, 2010

Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) Results 2010 was out!!

CLP results was finally out today!! I got an heart attack when a friend of mine told me that my name was not on the Board!! Lucky I called my another friend who then told me I passed all!! Wow~~ I felt instant relief and quickly applied emergency leave and went to collect my results myself!!

I felt really really happy though my results was so so only!! haha I don't need to sit for it another time!!

Hard work paid off!! Imagine I worked full time and studied part time for the past few months!! It was really tiring!! But it was worth it!! All my sacrifices on entertainment, traveling paid off!! I feel grateful!! Thanks hubby for the Iphone 4 too!! Muuaacckss!!! (*so happy*)

I can move on now!! HoooOORay!!!