Monday, February 28, 2011

Pre-birthday Celebration at Passage Thru India (Jalan Tun Razak)


This year birthday celebration, we went for Northern Indian Cuisine at Passage Thru India!! suggested by Joanne, but she couldn't make it at the end, so left only 3 girls...without our partners!


The walkway ('passage') leading us to the restaurant ('India').

Indian style design.

Lots of Taiwanese visitors. Apparently the restaurant has some contacts with the tour agency!

Water in stainless steel cup!

Ordered 4 dishes.

The signature dish! Forgot the there are only 3 big prawns and 1 small prawn in it and it costs around RM 48!! super expensive but also super nice!! Yummy!!

Lamb...not bad also!

Chicken tikka is also nice!

The garlic naan! Must order!

One of my fav vege! Ladies Finger in curry again...nice!

Biryani rice... nice!! The total cost of this meal I have no idea because it's my darling girl friends' treat! It's roughly about RM 50 per head!!

Well also please take note I maybe biased in the review because I like curry and I like Northern Indian Food :D

Some pictures of us before we say goodbye :P

Bye bye.

So I am quite adventurous, don't always take me to the Chinese ok (*winkz*)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Unlike last year Valentine's Day which fell on the very first day of Chinese New Year, this year Valentine's Day fell on the 12th day of Chinese New Year and of course we excuse to celebrate and spend money :P

New Comforter Set I bought for Eddie!

Dined in Celadon, Thai Cuisine again!! because the food was served faster as we had to watch the Valentine's Movie 'What Women What' by Andy Lau and Gong Li.

4 pieces of Pandan Chicken RM 16.90. Very small piece though.

Deep fried Fish cake RM 17.90. Rating: 7/10

Dipping sauce for the fish cake.

Our fav Yummylicious TOM YAM KUNG (there are 4 mussles, 3 prawns and many squids) RM 42.90!! So so nice...actually it tastes almost the same as Flying Chillies...they are all from the same Company!

Their steamed rice is rather expensive! RM 4.90 per head.

Well, my Valentine's Day is just the same as my weekends...nice food with hubby by my side...cos no pressie:(

After all, hubby did spend some precious time with me :P

Have a nice day everyone :D

Chinese New Year 2011

Today is the 13th day of Chinese New Year!! Let's check out some of the pictures taken before/ during this Rabbit Year!

As usual, new year MUST buy some new stuff...didn't buy a lot this year also...

Bought a new skirt for work! from Karen Millen! My fav!

Won a hamper in a lucky draw :D

and as usual, hubby bought a hamper for my parents in CNY...

The mouthwatering food from the road side in Pantai Remis...baked fish, sotong...

fried keuh teow...

omelette with miss it a lot!!! (*drooling*)

CNY gifts from my HOD...She is so sweet!!

Hubby and I. He always act funny/silly! Naught boy!! haha

Lou Sang...a MUST in N times but still not more than 15

The cute bunny wet tissue from Pantai Seafood, Subang.

The special appearance of Eric Tsang in Leisure Mall before the movie 'I Love HK' (of which he played a main role) started.

The lion dance....also a MUST in CNY!! The lions are so colourful...That's all for now!! I know it is too late and I still wanna wish you people, Happy Chinese New Year!! Wishing you all 步步高升 :D