Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nice Street Food at Taipei

Oh my god, when I look back those pictures taken in Taipei...I drool...they have variety of street food...about the same as Taman Connaught Pasar Malam with more variety in smelly tofu!! I'm a big fan of smelly god!!

Check out those yummy!!

onion cake!

smelly tofu! OMG so excited

Spicy fried chicken, this can get in Taman Connaught Pasar Malam!! Super Nice!

Eating Smelly Tofu! Gosh so delicious!! Frankly speaking I prefer the one in OUG! Maybe because I always eat it I use to its crispness and its smelly

cold dessert also super nice!

I LOVE cold dessert!

another type of smelly tofu...the non-crispy one... I don't like

Eddie's eating the non-crispy smelly tofu! lol

The Red Bean Cake...10 New Taiwan Dollar per piece! (equivalent to RM 1) nice!! about more food next time! Nitez (*winks*) muackss!! haha

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our 5th Anniversary

It's been 5 years from that day I said yes to my hubby...the day I accepted his offer to be with be his gf to be exact (so who chase who you know

Time flies...seriously. We were so young back then and now a lot of things are different now...

The first year, I remember hubby bought me a bouquet of 12 red roses with a box of ferrero rocher - 24-piece if I'm not mistaken and I didn't check my diary on this! It's in my mind and we celebrated at Victoria Station, Taipan the day before (this one I refresh my mind from my diary!!)

The second year, in 2008, we quarrelled and we celebrated in Alexis at Mid Valley. I remember. Then a few days later hubby bought me a nice dress! This I recall from my blog post here.

The third anniversary we had it in Vintry, Damansara and hubby only celebrated with me at 9 something at night because he was so busy...I remember. Read it here.

The fourth one! Hubby took me to a 2 days 1 night trip to Fraser Hill and we stayed in Smokehouse. Didn't post anything in the blog because I've lost interest in blogging lol

The fifth one...I chose Villa Danieli, Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL and it's obviously my hubby's treat!

Check out the delicious italian food!

We ordered one 4-course-seafood set (RM 150 excluding 16% tax & service) which comes with ...

Oven baked crab with coconut milk soup

Pasta in oyster sauce

Pan-fried cod fish

and the dessert - Pistachio cake with ice-cream in the oyster shell!

One ala-carte - the ravioli with slipper lobster, scallop, crustacean emulsion and lobster oil (RM 62)

It is nice but too salty!!

The Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin 1995 reserve - RM 600 (I didn't know the price before I ordered OMG but my dear just paid as normal as long as I'm happy! I'm a lucky girl I guess lol) and the 2007 Spain Riscal that Caroline recommends (RM 160)...not bad!

Picture of the night!! Both of us gained so much weight as compared to 5 years ago!!

The food is fantastic!! The bill is shocking (total RM 1127.50) and it was indeed a memorable night! I don't need a diary to remember this night lol!! I'm so proud of my hubby!! From nothing to something (*devious smile*)